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What Everyday Jesus Love Looks Like

Heidi Baker shares how, wherever you are in your life and walk, you can be the hands of Christ to someone in front of you.


8 Ways We Can Represent God in This World

The greatest privilege believers have this side of heaven is our calling to represent God to this world. Joseph Mattera goes over eight criteria the Bible gives regarding this.
Evangelist Heidi Baker on CBN

Living With a 'Reckless Devotion' to God

Want to live out the type of devotion that thrills the heart of God? Discover the story of evangelist Heidi Baker, and hear what it means to be sold out for faith.

burden of Christ

The Longsuffering of God Has a Limit

Our God is incredibly longsuffering and merciful, but the day of His wrath will surely come. Why aren't we preaching this message?

An Incredible Year for Convoy of Hope

From disaster relief in the U.S. to agriculture and women's empowerment projects in the third world, Convoy of Hope made quite an impact in 2013. Find out the amazing impact this missions-minded organization had last year.


7 Reasons Christians Don't Evangelize

Church revitalization is certainly possible in America. Are you and your staff willing to take a look in the mirror and do what it takes for that to happen? LifeWay's Thom S. Rainer weighs in.

Muslim man praying during Ramadan

5 Reasons to Care About Muslims

There are endless reasons we should take the Good News to our Muslim friends, neighbors, coworkers and fellow grocery market shoppers. Here are five.

Holy Spirit and evangelism

One Critical Reason God Gave You the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit does lots of incredible things in and through us. But in the Bible, it seems that whenever the Holy Spirit is given to someone, it's for one crucial reason: to preach the Gospel.

American Christianity

Is the American Church the New Mission Field?

The hard truth is that America does not yet know what a real Christian is. What does that say about the Church in America? Have we failed to properly communicate the gospel that we preach? 

Prisoners Desperately Need Hope and Spiritual Nurturing

When Jesus says on the Day of Judgment, "I was in prison and you visited me (Matt. 25:36 NLT), what will you say?

Chris Franz

Where the Gospel Is Most Dangerous

This German-born evangelist's burning desire allows him to take the gospel into uncharted territory—particularly tribes and people groups known for killing those who follow Jesus.

Daniel Kolenda, president of Christ for All Nations

Daniel Kolenda: What's the Main Focus When You Share Your Faith?

As the successor to evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Christ for All Nations President Daniel Kolenda has already seen millions come to Jesus at the ministry's crusades around the world. But amid all the supernatural healings and miracles, find out what Kolenda says is more important when it comes to sharing the gospel with others.

The Billy Graham of Iran

Born into a Muslim family in Iran, Hormoz Shariat used his brother’s execution to compel him to share the hope of Jesus with millions in the Islamic world. With the underground Iranian church growing more than ever today, he’s now seeing his prayers answered.


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