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Kenneth Copeland

KENNETH COPELAND: A Preacher of Uncompromised Word

A charismatic minister, Kenneth Copeland is a man of many talents, each of which has provided an integral piece of his decades-long ministry, demonstrating the gifts of God and the power of faith in action.

G.O.D Reaches 75 Million With the Gospel

When Jesus told His followers to go and make disciples, He meant you too. As part of the work of fulfilling the Great Commission, Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) seeks to inspire believers throughout the world to share the gospel on one particular day this month.

Is Prophetic Evangelism the Answer?

At a time when polls show Christians rarely share their faith with others, a new and innovative form of evangelism is exhibiting promise.

Tips for Supernatural Evangelism

Does evangelism seem scary? Listen to Evangelist Tom Scarrella offer some tips on how to witness in the Spirit.


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