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7 Reasons Christians Don't Evangelize

Church revitalization is certainly possible in America. Are you and your staff willing to take a look in the mirror and do what it takes for that to happen? LifeWay's Thom S. Rainer weighs in.

Holy Spirit and evangelism

One Critical Reason God Gave You the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit does lots of incredible things in and through us. But in the Bible, it seems that whenever the Holy Spirit is given to someone, it's for one crucial reason: to preach the Gospel.

Billy Graham

Billy Graham: 'Will You Pray With Me Today?'

Each of us can find ways to help specific people we know encounter the gospel. Thousands of believers across the nation, in every state, are taking the opportunity to do just that through the My Hope America outreach.

Man preaching

How the Salvation Message Releases Miracles

Jesus clearly taught us that we were to preach the message of the kingdom to every nation. But did you know He gave us an even bigger assignment than that? Check it out.

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