How to Set Yourself Up for Divine Appointments

You may have a lasting kingdom impact on someone and not even know it.
You may have a lasting kingdom impact on someone and not even know it. (Lightstock )

Each of us has a divine purpose on our lives, and when we walk out that purpose each day we find ourselves walking in divine appointment, carrying the Holy Spirit with us.

You may find yourself waiting on a word from God without realizing that by living your everyday life you are not only walking out His purpose for your life, but you are also influencing those around you. As believers, if we open our eyes and ears to those around us, whether it be a close friends or just a passing stranger, we can recognize how God brings our paths to cross with the paths of others, all in His perfect timing.

1. Recognize that you have kingdom impact, whether you realize it or not. Recently, my husband and I bought our first home. Moving can be quite stressful, and in the midst of all the chaos, I found myself in "go mode," not really taking any time to be present.

When we finally got all of our things loaded onto a moving truck, I hurriedly ran the keys to our apartment to the leasing office. The woman who worked at the leasing office also lived across from us in our apartment complex, and she had been there as long as I had been there (over three years). This young woman used to work with my mom, so she and I were friendly acquaintances.

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When I dropped off the keys that day, we exchanged pleasantries, then she said to me, "You know, I really appreciated living across from you these past few years. It was a really difficult decision for me to leave my old job"—the one she worked at with my mom—"but knowing you were here just made me feel OK about it, like God was telling me I could move on. So thank you for being a presence for me."

I thanked her for her kind words and wished her the best. Then I started to drive to our new home, and I really took a moment to be present with what she had said. I was surprised at first that I had such an impact on her life even though we rarely spoke. But by simply being there, by carrying God's love with me, I had influenced someone at a crucial time in her life without meaning to. I immediately contacted Johannah, my co-worker, co-author of Created With Purpose, and great friend to tell her about this experience. "You really don't know who you are affecting just by being you," I said thinking of the divine appointment God had made.

It is easy to forget in the busyness of life that we are walking with God's love on us and the Holy Spirit in us. Our words and actions have God moving through them, and sometimes just us being present can be quite powerful. Through these divine appointments, God can use us even through common life events and mundane daily tasks.

2. Recognize you have kingdom influence: People are watching your simple, everyday decisions. Another illustration of a divine appointment came some months before I moved. A year or so ago, a ministry school student had started to work with Randy Clark's ministry and thus me. He has since gone on, with Randy's blessing, to sow into his own ministry, but a few months ago, he returned to the office to say hello.

While we were catching up, he shared great news about his life and how things were going, including an impending proposal to a wonderful woman. He then said to me, "I have always wanted to tell you something. You and your husband really influenced me. One day I glanced out the window at lunchtime and saw you walking together. You had put your arm around him, and I thought to myself that I really wanted to find a wife who would support me like that. That gesture just spoke to me so much."

His words deeply affected me, both because he was my friend and also because I had never considered before that my marriage could be one of great example. Of course I was grateful that he viewed my marriage so favorably, but beyond that, I was fascinated how such a simple, everyday act between my husband and I and it had affected him and influenced his life.

I tell these stories not to be boastful but to remind myself, and you too, that people are watching. They are noticing. As leaders and as confident children of God, our actions carry weight, and we are influencing others without even being aware of it.

I realized through these encounters, and others, that God is working through us, and He is sending us out to share His love. Our words are powerful, but our actions are too, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. Look for opportunities and moments in your life when God is using you, a divinely appointed son or daughter, to be a great source of hope, comfort and love.

Victoria West Henady is the personal assistant of Randy Clark and the administer of Dance Revelation. She has a formal background in counseling and a master's degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. Victoria has a passion for nonprofit ministry and working with youth.

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