This Missionary Equips Malawians to Walk in Truth and Power—Literally

Blake with Princess Betty's nephew in a PET at Chief Kanyama's Rain Festival
Blake with Princess Betty's nephew in a PET at Chief Kanyama's Rain Festival (Courtesy Blake Lorenz)

I never cease to be amazed by God's timing in connection with His Word and what He desires to do in our lives. As we complete Acts 11, the gospel continues to spread throughout the Roman Empire. Believers are being raised up to life in Jesus wherever the Word of Christ is preached.

Barnabas and Saul reconnect and spend an entire year in Antioch teaching a great many people about Jesus. It is here that "disciples were first called Christians."

As I read Acts 11:19-26, I anticipated it would connect with the word I wanted to share about Malawi, but it was not there. I was a little disappointed until I read the last verses, verses 27-30. Bingo! There was the connection.

Barnabas and Saul were sent to bring relief to those struggling in Judea from a famine. My email from George Chimpiko in Malawi, which came through Delbert, concerned the struggles of believers in Malawi, not unlike Judea's need for help.

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Here is the email:


Am humbled to hear from you. Real[l]y it has been a difficult time 2020. We are struggling to find wheelchairs (PETS) and spare parts. All the Wheelchairs (PETS) donated between 2013 and 2015 have been broken down, no spares, disabled people back crawling, back to Immobility. Life is hard once again. It is my prayer that a small assembling center be constructed in Malawi as we suggested many years ago. Spiritually, The Lord has been good to us The fire your team started in 2015 is still burning and many disabled people are being saved. My prayer is to see you coming to Malawi again. God bless you all


My heart ached when I read those words. Here are believers forced to crawl in the dirt and dust because they cannot walk. The PETS Delbert shipped to them from Zambia years back have now worn down. That was probably more than 50 of the hand pedaled carts that enable those who cannot walk to rise with dignity and become mobile.

The PET is a handcrafted wooden cart that can be pedaled by hand. This invention has saved thousands of lives and souls through the years. Those who receive them are overwhelmed by love and give their lives to Christ. They suddenly sense they are loved and have value in a culture that looks at them as "the least of these."

Now they can move about as healthy people do. They can get jobs. They can mix with their people and know value and hope and self esteem. It is a beautiful gift to those who have been crippled by injury, disease and snake bites.

Chimpiko is a man whose feet are twisted and gnarled. Through great courage and will power he learned to walk with the help of two canes. I met him at one of our Holy Spirit Encounters in Kitwe, Zambia, at the New Life Center. He leads the handicap outreach in Malawi in his district.

It was in 2015 that Delbert took me and Pastor Scott George and a few others to do crusades with Chimpiko in Malawi. Although small in number and attendance, you can read in the email the fire of God took root and is still spreading.

They desperately need relief as Acts 11 said of those in Judea. The COVID pandemic has crippled their ability to help those in need. This is true in all of the areas we minister throughout the world.

As in Acts 11:29, "Then every disciple, according to his ability, determined to send relief to the brothers who lived in Judea." In our case Malawi, Cuba, Zambia or wherever God sends us.

Please pray what God would have you do to meet this need. You can connect with me at or donate directly on our website ( Click on the donate button. Make a note that it is for missions.

The thought of those believers crawling in the dust will not let me be silent. Let us pray and act together to send them relief. Jesus will be exalted! Let us hear what the Spirit is saying to His church.

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