Meet the Inventor Who Could Help End Thirst, Food Waste in Third World

The Hollingsworths try the WaterMaker with the ColdBox. (Joe Hollingsworth Photography | © iStockphoto/FernandoAH)

We often take healthy food and clean water for granted in America, but people all over the world have no access to these basic necessities of life. Al Hollingsworth saw this need and says God inspired his newest invention—the Aldelano Solar ColdBox.

The Solar ColdBox is a large container that can refrigerate food and water. The machine can also draw moisture out of the air to convert into potable, clean water and ice. Crucially, however, the Solar ColdBox is completely solar-powered and easy to build and transport. That way, it can be used to care for people and potentially save lives in environments without electricity, including impoverished countries and natural-disaster-afflicted regions.

Hollingsworth says God placed a burden on his heart for this project after he saw statistics regarding food waste (due to a lack of refrigeration) and the scarcity of clean water in Third World countries. "These are the areas that God challenged me to think about, and He began to surround me with scientists from NASA and other engineers that caught the dream with me, and today we can say our dream has come true," he says.

Hollingsworth says he sees himself as part of a larger movement of believers God is equipping to change the world.

"I'm so excited to have a personal relationship with the Master so that I can hear, and I'm willing to do whatever He tells me to do," he says. "We're expecting great things to be done in the body of Christ, being able to answer global problems of hunger and famine."

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