Daily Breakthroughs

Daily Breakthroughs

Victory Walk

I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. —Psalm 34:4

Maybe fear is telling you that you cannot handle another thing. Maybe you feel as if you have gone down for the last time.

The fact that you have a problem is proof God has provided the answer. He will slip His everlasting arms underneath you! You need not fear; you are going to make it.

The key to receiving God's answer is found in Psalm 34:4—seek the Lord! You do not need a healing—you need Him. You do not need deliverance—you need Him. You do not need joy or victory—you need Him.

Since He has provided the answer to every prayer you will ever pray, you can walk in total victory! As God becomes your passion, everything else will fall into place.

Everything is in the Lord. Every victory, need, longing, desire, plan, possibility, and dream is in Him. Don't despair. He is your all in all.

Christ, in You all things hold together. I don't need
anything but You. In You I find my resting
place and my contentment. Amen.

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