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The Journalist Who Became a Modern-Day Mordecai

When he saw discrimination and abuse of women, former Charisma editor J. Lee Grady felt the Holy Spirit say: "Why don't you defend them?" He responded as a journalist with books and articles. But now his ministry has expanded around the world with conferences, girls' homes and women's shelters. And Lee needs your help.

It is easy to spot a "monster" pastor.

11 Signs of a Monster Pastor

Like a codependent spouse, abused churches typically continue to hire abusive pastors. Here are some tips to stop that trend.

Will You Defend Her?

Discover more about The Mordecai Project as well as the injustices women face around the globe

A pastor

10 Positive Church Mindsets for Radical Change

Your mindset, focus and attitude can have a tremendous impact on your pastor and your church. Here are 10 paradigms that can help propel your church to the next level.

When 'Apostles' and 'Prophets' Lust for Fame

One can't help but notice how many so-called ministers flaunt their titles, positions, achievements and degrees with such pomp and pageantry. What's behind all this?

What Myles Munroe Taught Me About Miracles

Since I first reported on the Munroes' death Sunday night, I've been thinking about my encounter with this man of God that changed my thinking on the kingdom.

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