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Eugene Peterson in 2009

'The Message' Author Eugene Peterson Under Hospice Care

Peterson, 85, was hospitalized last week "when he took a sudden and dramatic turn in his health caused by an infection." Peterson has been dealing with dementia and congestive heart failure, both of which are progressing.
When feathers suddenly appeared floating across the platform at a large charismatic conference, the evangelist announced that it was "Holy Ghost feathers." She was discredited, however, when a local pastor obtained a video of the meeting, slowed it down, and pointed out that she had released the feathers from the sleeve of her blouse.

How Lying Spirits Make Inroads Into Christian Ministry

I had just listened to a well-known Christian leader address that his publisher had pulled his latest book off the market because they discovered he greatly exaggerated his testimony of being a former Satanist high priest
Bill Hybels

What to Do When Your Pastor's Sin Comes Out

What do we do when we learn the person we trusted as an intermediary for God is actually a predator? What if the faith leader we've admired all our lives turns out to be more a scoundrel than saint?
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