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James MacDonald with his wife, Kathy

7 Reasons Why Leaders Fall

After news broke yesterday that Chicago-area megachurch pastor James MacDonald was fired for inappropriate comments, where does that leave us?

4 Vital Takeaways From the James MacDonald Scandal

Big sins don't develop overnight. They are an accumulation of small sins that can eventually create a tsunami of wickedness. If you don't take time to deal with small sins, when will you have time to tackle a tidal wave?

Should the Church Get 'Scary'?

Many congregations are working hard to attract the wrong crowd on Sunday—and the result is an Ichabod church.

Witchcraft Is Driving an Unhealthy Focus on Church Growth

The witchcraft necessary to coerce people to give financially, to serve the pastor's vision and to build a ministry for impure reasons is extreme. It truly requires quite a few very powerful demons to anoint such a venture.
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