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In Christ, There Are No Nobodies

This crucial yet often-overlooked truth is key to the success or failure of your church. Where do you fit into this picture?

The Problem With Being Relevant

The church is at a crossroads, as many congregations have made cultural relevance more important than a true, life-changing encounter with God. Here's what can steer us on the right path.

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It’s Time to Get Ahabs out of Our Pulpits

Do pastors who turn a blind eye to sin in the nation to keep people in the seats, giving money and attending programs also turn a blind eye to sin in the church for the same reasons?


The Diabolical Silence on Holiness

When ministers leave certain components of the gospel and important scriptural truths out of their preaching, it opens a large door for the sinner and the halfhearted to feel comfortable in their sins and in their worldly lifestyle.

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson: You Don't Have to Settle for Fruitlessness

Bill Johnson has made quite an impact with his healing ministry, but it didn't suddenly materialize out of thin air. Find out how curiosity, conviction and impartation led to finally seeing healing happen.

Marks of the Assemblies

As the Assemblies of God celebrates 100 years, three distinct traits stand out as part of the denomination's DNA. In this Charisma exclusive, AG General Superintendent George O. Wood identifies these characteristics that must remain for continued growth in the future.

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