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A Hunt Club

Genesis Project Transforming Strip Club Into Sanctuary

When strip club owner Aaron Bekkela was told one of his employees' mother was praying for him, he never dreamed he would be selling his property to her Assemblies of God church nearly 20 years later.

George O. Wood, Charles E. Blake

AG and COGIC Leaders Unite in Historic Pentecostal Meeting

Last week the AG executive leadership hosted the executive leadership of the Church of God in Christ. The historic meeting marks the first time the full leadership of these Pentecostal movements have gathered specifically to dialogue together.

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham: Season of Hope

Tens of thousands of people gave their lives to Christ as a result of My Hope With Billy Graham. Franklin Graham shares how you can help in the effort, which he plans to continue for the next five years.

Vision 2025

Vision 2025 Seeks to Realize Centuries-Old Prophecy

There are still 1,919 languages awaiting a Bible translation process to begin. Along with partners, Wycliffe Bible Translators is committed to having a project in process in every language needing it by 2025.


Does the Gospel Come With Strings Attached?

Does how you’re sharing the gospel resemble a business transaction? Plenty of ministries use outreach as a way to entice potential members. Is it wrong? 


When a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Howls for Help

Last week, Jennifer LeClaire exposed the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing project. "Wolf" responded with a howl and a bite, showing signs that this lost soul suffered spiritual abuse at the hands of controlling shepherds. 


When Your Worship Leader Can Drink You Under the Table

Even Christians who aren’t teetotalers may have a problem with washing down their Holy Communion with beer their pastor brewed in his backyard. Nevertheless, using beer as a church-growth strategy is gaining momentum.

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