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Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson: You Don't Have to Settle for Fruitlessness

Bill Johnson has made quite an impact with his healing ministry, but it didn't suddenly materialize out of thin air. Find out how curiosity, conviction and impartation led to finally seeing healing happen.

Marks of the Assemblies

As the Assemblies of God celebrates 100 years, three distinct traits stand out as part of the denomination's DNA. In this Charisma exclusive, AG General Superintendent George O. Wood identifies these characteristics that must remain for continued growth in the future.

Assemblies of God: A Centennial Move of the Spirit

It's been 100 years since the Assemblies of God emerged from the Pentecostal outpouring at Azusa Street. Charisma's founder reports on what the Holy Spirit has done through the world's largest Pentecostal denomination—and what lies ahead. This includes a fascinating blend of paradoxes amid unprecedented global growth.


Is Tithing New Testament?

Some have been taught that tithing was an Old Testament law, while freewill offerings is the New Testament way of doing things. Do you agree with this bishop's take?

Singing in church

4 Ways to Kill Church Worship Fast

Even when the chipper "worship leader" in contemporary churches bounds on stage and predictably beckons everyone to "stand and worship," the people compliantly obey the stand command, but then they turn into mute mannequins.

Temptations of pastors

The Sins and Temptations Church Leaders Face At Each Age

No matter whether your pastor is just starting out in ministry or has been serving the church longer than you've been alive, there are unique temptations all along the road of lifetime ministry. Where are you?

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