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When a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Howls for Help

Last week, Jennifer LeClaire exposed the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing project. "Wolf" responded with a howl and a bite, showing signs that this lost soul suffered spiritual abuse at the hands of controlling shepherds. 


When Your Worship Leader Can Drink You Under the Table

Even Christians who aren’t teetotalers may have a problem with washing down their Holy Communion with beer their pastor brewed in his backyard. Nevertheless, using beer as a church-growth strategy is gaining momentum.

Billy Graham

Billy Graham: A Faithful Witness

Charisma magazine's 2005 cover story featured Billy Graham as he was about to make his last stadium appearance. On his 95th birthday, Charisma looks back and we honor America's favorite evangelist.

Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn: Pastor Jack Hayford Saved My Life

Pastor Jack Hayford presided over the remarriage of Benny and Suzanne Hinn earlier this year. But fewer know how much Hayford helped the Hinns after their marriage fell apart.

Darren Wilson

John MacArthur, You Are Fighting Against God

Filmmaker Darren Wilson says John MacArthur's crusade against "strange fire" is doomed to fail. But he says he agrees with the controversial pastor, sort of.

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