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Confessions of a Former Ministry Addict

The key to more effective ministry is found not in accomplishing more, but in taking time for spiritual and physical refreshment. Here's how. 

Why Ministry Is So Messy

Want to be used by God in supernatural ways? Then be ready and willing to get your hands dirty. Find out why it's a good thing that your ministry is a mess. 

Robert and Debbie Morris

Why Churches Are Doing Well in a Down Economy

In spite of layoffs, foreclosures and economic uncertainty, many churches in America are thriving. We tracked this trend at 12 growing churches around the nation.

Why Are So Many Christians Quitting Church?

Over the last decade many Christians have given up on church—often because leaders failed them. Is there any chance those leaving through the back door will return? 

Is Charismatic Revival Exploding Among Catholics?

Much has changed since the massive renewal in the late 1960s, yet Catholic charismatics still comprise one of the largest groups of Spirit-filled believers on the planet. Find out how the movement is thriving in America today?


What to Do When a Leader Falls

Many believers are shocked when they hear of a leader’s moral failure. Here are godly safeguards that can protect against a fall. 


Why You Should Attend a Sinner-Sensitive Church

The church is not a place to hide from sinners. Yet, when a sinner walks through the doors of our sanctuary we, at times, treat them as if they don't belong. Here's how we fix that.  

Why Your Title Doesn't Matter

Titles alone do not produce respect. Yet, many Christian leaders require you to call them Bishop, Dr., Reverend, etc. Why is today's church so hung up on titles? We find out.

A Fresh Method

How the Holy Spirit is moving within the United Methodist Church


Should the Church Teach Against Homosexuality?

A former lesbian says pastors must start talking about the sin of homosexuality. She explains why it's time that a united church body across the land stand up for righteousness and align ourselves with God's truth.

Sell Sign

When Can You Sell the Anointing?

More and more ministries are 'selling' spiritual gifts to anyone willing to pay. What does the Bible say about these tactics?

Victory Church

Manila’s Mega-Move

Victory Church in the Philippines has grown almost 25 percent each year for the last 12 years and now tops 62,000 members. But at the core of this exciting move of God is a simple, “small” concept: discipleship.

House clearing

House Clearing

Larry Kreider debunks the five most common myths about house churches in America.

Joey Bonifacio

Lego Lessons

In The LEGO Principle, Victory pastor Joey Bonifacio scatters LEGO-sized nuggets of revelation within a core message about connecting to God and to others. Along with revealing the fundamental principles on the power and simplicity of discipleship, Bonifacio offers a few “LEGO lessons.” Here’s a sampling from his book, which releases this month.

Small is the new big

Small is the New Big

Felicity Dale helps to make sense of the diverse house church movement currently sweeping across the U.S.

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