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Dying churches

The Real Reason Liberal Churches Are Losing Members

We constantly hear that our churches aren't progressive enough to keep up with the rapidly changing tastes of the new generation, but the data shows that it's the liberal churches that are bleeding to death.

3 Ways to Rewire Our Local Churches

Why the American church has a "wiring" problem when it comes to engaging the culture with the gospel—and how you can help to fix that

Do you know any religious bullies?

5 Signs of a Mean-Spirited Leader

Charles Swindoll recently tweeted a staunch warning to Christian bullies who are giving believers a bad name. Read these five warning signs that you might be a mean-spirited leader.

Do you only listen to sermons that scratch your itching ears?

5 Signs of Ear-Tickling Preachers

Paul warned Timothy to beware of unsound teachers, and that warning has proved true many times since. Today, we have a multitude of ear-tickling preachers. How can we recognize them?

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