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The Paradigm

Is there a Master Blueprint that lies behind the events of our times?'s Craig Groeschel

WATCH: Did God Actually Say That?'s Craig Groeschel tackles "the most popular misbelief about God in our Western version of Christianity."

Dr. Michael Brown

God Is Not Threatened by Your Honest Questions

God is not threatened by our honest questions, especially when it is our faith in His goodness that causes us to ask those questions. If the questions come from a sincere heart, He welcomes them. Send your questions to Dr. Michael Brown.

24 Reasons Why Hell Is Real

Some false teachers today would like us to think that everybody will eventually get to heaven. Here are 24 reasons why hell is real. 

Flag reflected in droplet

Goodbye, Christian America ... Hello, True Christianity

World Vision U.S. president calls Christians to stop worrying about the symbols of the decline of Christian America and get back to the mission Jesus gave us to show the world a different way to live.

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