Desperate Housewives...Desperately Wrong

The characters on this popular TV show are no models for us. These dysfunctional women need a dose of spiritual reality!

IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY in the neighborhood, but this isn't Mr. Roger's neighborhood. As the streetlights darken, the neighbors on Wisteria Lane settle into their perfect-looking houses with well-manicured lawns, but behind closed doors, life is not what it appears to be.

Ever since the suicide of neighbor Mary Alice, the residents of Wisteria Lane have come out of their dysfunctional closets. And an estimated 25 million viewers tune in weekly to watch their dramas unfold and their not-so-perfect lives unravel. It is a neighborhood of quiet desperation where delicious secrets are revealed, gossip reigns supreme, jealousy and envy chip away at relationships, and even murder takes place.

Pioneer Progress

Back in the 1970s, I was a fan of a weekly TV program called "Little House on the Prairie," which depicted the life of author Laura Ingalls Wilder as a child and young woman on the American frontier. The show was schmaltzy at times, I admit, but it was also educational. And it provided a yardstick by which to measure the "progress"--if you can call it that--we had made in our country.

In the days when the show aired on prime-time television, there was a stark contrast between the lives of the characters on the program--who were early American pioneers--and the lives of the average modern American. The pioneers lived a hard life, fighting to survive in often harsh conditions.

Modern-day citizens, on the other hand, had every convenience the technological age could provide. By comparison, their lives were easy. Today they are even easier.

What Will We Leave Them?

For the sake of our children, it is time to disobey.

Our society is increasingly criminalizing our right to stand up for what we believe. The media has encouraged the trend by making it vogue to be tolerant of every kind of perversion and by villainizing Christians who choose a biblical standard for their lives. How far will we allow this trend to go?

The nation I inherited as an adult was different from the one I was born into. Though it was imperfect morally, as Christians we could speak freely.

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