Furious Love

loveWanderlust Productions | Opens Feb.14

In the documentary Finger of God, filmmaker Darren Wilson chased miracles. For his new documentary, Furious Love, he chased love. In his easygoing style, Wilson narrates the journey and courageously asks his own questions.

"God showed me that His love is not contingent on my belief in it," Wilson narrates. "It can shine brightest when there is no agenda attached to it."

Furious Love takes us to the darkest places and shows that God's love is there. Wilson films as a woman in Tanzania is delivered of demons and people caught in the sex trade in Pattya, Thailand, have an encounter with God. He also shows people caught in witchcraft and New Age philosophy responding to God's presence. God's love is seen even at a dump in Madrid, Spain, where drug addicts go to get high.

This film shows how expansive God's love is and that it penetrates the darkest evil. Wilson goes to India, where "the demonic here is not like abstract ... it's in everything," as "Shanti" explains onscreen. "It's not here a little. ... It has seeped through everything."

The journey to India is one of the most sobering segments. In Orissa, where persecution is violent and rampant, a survivor reminds her daughter that as believers they "too are to die, just like Christ, so our nation gets to know His great love." This is especially hard to hear while sitting in Comfortable City, USA.

This movie powerfully demonstrates and celebrates God's love and the freedom that He brings. But it goes further to ask the church if it will step up and show Christ's love to the world. Will Hart, who ministered in Thailand, issues a challenge.

"But as we go, lives get changed. And that's the gospel. That's the gospel, when we get past ourselves and love on the person that's in front of us.

"So, come on, church. Come on. The world is waiting. The world is standing there waiting, and they don't even know it. The lady boys in Thailand are literally waiting for a God encounter, and they don't even know it. And it's not my job to do it; it's all of ours."

Furious Love releases on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14. Visit furiouslovethemovie.com for a map of churches showing this film. You can also find information about how your church can present this movie. Furious Love is best suited for preteens and older.

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