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Miraculous Deliverance

Jesus Trumps 18 Hens in Deliverance Story

Sharda's demonic possession was agonizing. The demon torturing her wouldn't allow her to stay in one place, and sometimes Sharda couldn't even breathe properly. Although her parents tried many things to free her from the demonic oppression, they didn't know how to solve the problem. Sharda seemed trapped in the clutches of the evil spirit.

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Villager Delivered from Witchcraft

Witchcraft is as common as water in the village where Saroja and her husband live.

The villagers practice witchcraft hoping it will give them permanent relief from the sickness and difficulties that plague their lives. They also believe worshiping their many gods and goddesses will help them attain a complete transformation in their bodies, minds and spirits.
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Deciphering Your Dreams

Evangelist Perry Stone believes people will experience dreams and visions with increasing frequency as Christ’s return nears. Discover why he says this, as well as the purpose dreams and visions serve and how you can interpret them.


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Prayers on the Move

24-7 Prayer movement is a Britain-based ministry that has sparked a global movement of nonstop prayer.



A Tribute to Malinda Sapp

Watch video from MaLinda Sapp's homegoing service as Marvin Sapp and their children give a tribute.


What is True Worship?

The look and sound of worship in churches today is a far cry from what it was in past generations. We have great sound, tech-savvy video directors, lights and well-trained musicians that lead us into worship during our services. So why is there so much discussion about getting back to the heart of worship?

We’ve compiled the thoughts of seasoned and new worship artists at to help answer that. They share why it’s important that everyone, from worship leaders to tone-deaf Christians, discover God’s true intent for worship.

Worship Under Pressure
Former Hillsong Church worship pastor Darlene Zschech candidly shares her struggles as a worship leader. She also discusses how understanding the anointing of God, already on the inside of us, will ease the pressure many worship leaders feel.



Praise vs. Performance
Recording artist and song writer Paul Baloche, known for writing songs commonly sung on Sunday mornings such as “Above All,” “Open the Eyes of My Heart” and “Your Name,” examines the difference between praise and performance.



Why I’m NOT a Musician
Matt Redman has been leading worship full time since he was 20 years old, singing and playing instruments. But Redman doesn’t call himself a musician; instead he says he’s a worship leader. He says there’s a big difference. Check out why.



Shaking Up the Routine
Veteran worship leader Don Moen, who released his first album in the early 1990s, tells of his journey as the music industry changed over the years and how he overcame redundancy and stagnation. His story will be an encouragement to seasoned worship leaders.


Facing Fear
Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith shares how worship leaders can overcome fear and timidity. She knows all about the topic: Though she now sings before thousands, she ran offstage crying the first time she led a song.


Twitter in Class?

Find out how one school is using Twitter to create academically engaged students.


Fit for the Right Reasons

God created us to be purpose driven. In other words, our natural inclination is to operate with an intent—a motive, so to speak.

The Bible gives us a number of examples of men and women who did extraordinary things (whether for good or evil) in order to fulfill a purpose or reach a goal. Jacob, for instance, worked 14 years for the deceitful Laban in order to marry the woman of his dreams (see Gen. 29). He had a motive (espousing the lovely Rachel), which served to motivate him to work an extra seven years to accomplish his objective.

The Amazing Escape

Watch Michael McDowell’s miraculous escape, plus his interview with Ellen DeGeneres below. {youtube}XNDDZDB6ugQ{/youtube}

Ted Baehr's Top 10 Family Movies

Movieguide's Ted Baehr offers his top 10 picks for the best family-friendly movies of the last decade.

1. Finding Nemo
2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
3. Up
4. Wall-E
5. Ratatouille
6. The Nativity Story
7. Amazing Grace
8. The Incredibles
9. Enchanted
10.March of the Penguins

There’s No Denying His Power

Once a skeptical professor, find out why Darren Wilson now says he’ll never doubt God’s miraculous power.


A Look at Stella’s House

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Stella’s house below.


We Dare You to Pray This

Watch the video to find out what uncommon prayer Francis Chan encouarges Christians to pray. {youtube}E2oi6y292kE{/youtube}

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