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Milestones in the movement

Milestones in the Movement

Celebrating 35 years of Charisma 1975-2010

A look back at some of the most significant stories in Charisma’s 35 years of covering the charismatic movement


The charismatic movement started long before the first pages of Charisma were ever printed in 1975. Though this magazine has since become the touchstone publication for Spirit-filled believers, the renewed emphasis within the American church on the Holy Spirit’s power began decades earlier. The wave started in 1906 with the Azusa Street Revival, continued throughout the first half of the 20th century and expanded beyond non-Pentecostal groups with Episcopal priest Dennis Bennett’s announcement on Passion Sunday in 1960 that he’d received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Fifteen years later, at the height of this newfound movement that was now impacting every denomination and part of the body of Christ, an Orlando Sentinel reporter named Steve Strang formed Charisma as a newsletter for his local church, Calvary Assembly of God. read more

We’re Not Dead Yet

Watch video testimonials from Christians who say they died and were brought back to life.


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Milestone Videos

Watch video footage of Israel's 50th Anniversary.


Watch as Steve Strang interviews Moishe Rosen.


Footage of the men's conference Promise Keepers.


Steve Strang interviews Benny Hinn about the Holy Spirit around the world.


Charisma Now salutes author and Charisma contributor Jamie Buckingham following his passing.


Jim Bakker's first public apprearance after being released from jail.


Evangelist Claudio Fredizon during the Argentina Revival.







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The Science Behind Tongues

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania conducted a series of medical tests on patients who speak in tongues. The study yielded surprisingly positive results. Watch the video below to learn about the science behind glossolalia.




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Suicide: Heaven or Hell

If someone takes their own life where will they spend eternity? We'd love to know about any scriptures or resources you have that supports your perspective. Add your thoughts below.

Steven Owen
Well where did Judas go? He was the first to commit suicide in the New Testament and he wasn't saved!
May 25 at 2:38pm · · · Flag
Jeanette Rose Jacono
WOW, not even going to touch this one...
May 25 at 2:40pm · · · Flag read more

Kristen Anderson: Interview

Learn how to gain victory over depression. A foiled suicide attempt gave Kristen Anderson a second chance at life. Listen to our interview with her.


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Six Complicated Questions

During my years of ministry, I have been asked many questions about heaven and hell—and about who will be going to each place. Some of the questions asked most often relate to people who have died without ever hearing the gospel story about Christ. This section includes six of these questions, each of which is complicated and must be answered from a scriptural point of view.

Question 1

 "I lost a child whom I love dearly at an early age. She was like an angel to me. I am hoping that in heaven she will be the same age (age five) that she was on Earth. Is this possible, or will she be a grown woman when I see her? Will she know I was her mother? It greatly burdens me that she will not know who I am!"

Answer: First, consider that we are all a tripartite creation—a body, soul, and spirit. It is the spirit of a person that, if it stepped out of the body where you could see it, you would recognize as that person. This was the case with the rich man who recognized Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) and with Moses and Elijah, who were recognized by Christ and by Peter at the Mount of Transfiguration (Matt. 17:3-4). Thus, the spirit and soul have the same appearance as the physical body. This is why we will be known in heaven as we were known on Earth (1 Cor. 13:12). read more

Upclose With Peter Hitchens

British journalist Peter Hitchens believes faith is reasonable, and that's no small feat. The brother of popular God Is Not Great author Christopher Hitchens embraced atheism as a teenager and burned his Bible when he was 15. But at age 30, he began to drift slowly back toward Christianity. Now part of the Church of England, Hitchens says there is "a good, firm, reasonable case for belief in God," which he explains in his newly released memoir The Rage Against God. Recently he talked with Charisma about his book, his journey to faith and the future of Christianity in Britain.

Do you see others in your generation returning to faith?
I think my generation is particularly hostile to faith in Britain. There's something about the way they were brought up, the circumstances they were brought up in. It's one of the big differences between not just Britain and the United States, but Europe and the United States. The huge damage which the early part of the 20th century did to religious faith in general, particularly the First World War, it just went very deep. And we caught a sort of rather large after shock of that, I think. When I go to church now, there are people there who are older than me and there are people there who are younger than me, but very few are the same age. Mine is just a particularly secular generation. And it's one that's been very lucky so therefore not as most generations in human existence have been compelled to confront the sort of things, which make people think about the broader, deeper subjects which lead you toward faith. We just haven't needed to. Now that we're all approaching the grave, it might become more urgent, but I think most people would say I don't practice. I don't think it will really come to it. You've got an awful lot of British people who don't know what it means declaring that they're atheist these days, of my generation. It's a matter of pride and something that distinguishes them in some way. read more

See Israel

Journey through Israel through the lens of a camera. Follow Charisma associate editor Valerie G. Lowe as she gives you a glimpse of the holy land.

Introduction video with Valerie G. Lowe

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Protecting Israel

Watch how humanitarian aid organizations are protecting the next generation of Jews.

Leket Israel

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Brian Zahnd Speaks


Brian Zahnd is pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Mo., and author of What to Do on the Worst Day of Your Life. His next book, Unconditional? (Charisma House), is scheduled to release in January.


Brian Zahnd

God is shifting the church from one seasonal platform to another. Are we ready? Listen to Brian Zahnd elaborate on the future of the church.

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