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The Younger Face of Politics

Young adult Christians approach church and politics in a different manner than their parents. Watch this video to find out how the mosaic generation is changing the political landscape.




Gordon Fee on Bible Study

Watch classic footage of Gordon Fee discussing how some Christians are missing the mark in their Bible study.



Take a Neighborhood Missions Trip

You don't always have to fly across the world to spread the love of Christ. We've listed inventive ways people like you are being effective missionaries in thier cities. Our list might spark some evangelism ideas for you.

'Charisma' Embraces Digital Future With More New Offerings

As Charisma marks its 35th anniversary this week, the magazine about "life in the Spirit" is looking toward the future by moving aggressively into the digital world.

Last spring, Charisma launched the free Charisma News Mobile app, one of the first Christian applications to offer original news articles that inform readers about what the Holy Spirit is doing around the world.

Christian Leaders Wish Charisma a Happy Anniversary

Steve Strang and the great team at Charisma consistently help the body of Christ navigate the times and seasons we live in. Discerning articles, insightful analysis of current events and a broad spectrum of input from respected leaders—all of these and much more keep Charisma as a must-read for every serious believer.
Robert Stearns
Eagles Wings

There is no doubt in my mind that Charisma magazine has helped change the face of Christendom through print media. Steve and Joy Strang have been courageous pioneers and probably there are few in the body of Christ who either understand or have had to walk in the faith levels that it has taken them to sustain the printing of a magazine for 35 years.

The team that God has gathered together for the task of publishing both a print and now a digital magazine is beyond imagination for most of us. We owe all of them a deep debt of gratitude for walking in such honesty and integrity. They have been willing to be risk-takers while owning up to any way that they have perhaps not had the most current information on various subjects, which few in publishing are either not willing or humble enough to do.

Christian Leaders: Why I Love Charisma

A message from bible teacher John Bevere of Messenger's International in Palmer Lake, CO:

A message from pastor Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio:
Milestones in the movement

Milestones in the Movement

Celebrating 35 years of Charisma 1975-2010

A look back at some of the most significant stories in Charisma’s 35 years of covering the charismatic movement


The charismatic movement started long before the first pages of Charisma were ever printed in 1975. Though this magazine has since become the touchstone publication for Spirit-filled believers, the renewed emphasis within the American church on the Holy Spirit’s power began decades earlier. The wave started in 1906 with the Azusa Street Revival, continued throughout the first half of the 20th century and expanded beyond non-Pentecostal groups with Episcopal priest Dennis Bennett’s announcement on Passion Sunday in 1960 that he’d received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Fifteen years later, at the height of this newfound movement that was now impacting every denomination and part of the body of Christ, an Orlando Sentinel reporter named Steve Strang formed Charisma as a newsletter for his local church, Calvary Assembly of God.

God’s Supernatural Power

Discover other keys to help you flow in God’s supernatural power.


We’re Not Dead Yet

Watch video testimonials from Christians who say they died and were brought back to life.



Milestone Videos

Watch video footage of Israel's 50th Anniversary.


Watch as Steve Strang interviews Moishe Rosen.


Footage of the men's conference Promise Keepers.


Steve Strang interviews Benny Hinn about the Holy Spirit around the world.


Charisma Now salutes author and Charisma contributor Jamie Buckingham following his passing.


Jim Bakker's first public apprearance after being released from jail.


Evangelist Claudio Fredizon during the Argentina Revival.








The Science Behind Tongues

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania conducted a series of medical tests on patients who speak in tongues. The study yielded surprisingly positive results. Watch the video below to learn about the science behind glossolalia.





Suicide: Heaven or Hell

If someone takes their own life where will they spend eternity? We'd love to know about any scriptures or resources you have that supports your perspective. Add your thoughts below.

Steven Owen
Well where did Judas go? He was the first to commit suicide in the New Testament and he wasn't saved!
May 25 at 2:38pm · · · Flag
Jeanette Rose Jacono
WOW, not even going to touch this one...
May 25 at 2:40pm · · · Flag

Kristen Anderson: Interview

Learn how to gain victory over depression. A foiled suicide attempt gave Kristen Anderson a second chance at life. Listen to our interview with her.


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