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Power PraiseMoves

Harvest House Publishers | $16.99

Power PraiseMoves by Laurette Willis offers a Christian alternative to yoga. This program is perfect for those who want to intensify their PraiseMoves workout or want a high-energy workout. read more


Julie Hadden's Spiritual Journey With Weight Loss

Stay-at-home mom Julie Hadden was 5 feet 1 inch tall, weighed 218 pounds and was obese by medical standards when she pleaded with God to help her lose weight. She had no idea He would use the hit reality-TV show The Biggest Loser to help rid her of both the physical and spiritual weights that controlled her life.Julie was able to shed the pounds and regain her self-esteem.

She shares her story and tells about being a contestant on season four (2007) in her new book, Fat Chance: Losing the Weight, Gaining My Worth (click here to purchase). To hear her inspiring testimony, listen to our podcast. read more

Saving Cicadas

By Nicole Seitz | Thomas Nelson | softcover | 320 pages | $14.99

In Saving Cicadas, 8-year-old Janie Macy is a normal kid, as far as she knows. She lives in a small town with her mother, Priscilla Lynn; her older sister Rainey Dae, who has Down syndrome; and their grandparents. When her mother gets pregnant, though, her whole world changes. read more



By John B. Olson | B&H Fiction | softcover | 400 pages | $14.99

John B. Olson delivers a supernatural thriller in Powers. Though it is a sequel to his novel Shade, it is a self-contained story.

Powers begins with Mariutza, who was raised in a Louisiana swamp by her grandfather, Purodad. He has trained her to be one of the Standing, a group to which God gives extrasensory powers against the Badness, Satan's human presence. read more

The Complete Love Comes Softly Collection

Fox Home Entertainment | $99.98

The Hallmark Channel movie adaptations of Janette Oke's best-selling book series Love Comes Softly are now available in one complete DVD set. Follow the story of Clark and Marty Davis and their family as they face hardships, tragedy, love and triumph. read more


David Crowder Ponders Life, Pain and Hope

David Crowder and Mike Hogan of the David Crowder Band offer a simple yet difficult truth that life at its fullest includes pain and sorrow. When we encounter hardships, we want comfort, and we want answers. Crowder and Hogan help us find those answers and give us hope in their book Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die. The Buzz offers an excerpt from their book

There are some deaths which, upon occurrence, arrest the considerations of the public at large. There is something—be it the public visibility of the individual or the curiously unusual or wholly universal circumstances surrounding the death—that coerces our attention and empathy.

For me, the first recognition of this phenomenon was while sitting at the bar with my wife at the Red Lobster in Waco, Texas. We were waiting on a table. It was September 1, 1997. The televisions scattered around us announced that an English princess had died. Our collective grief ignited; a planet wept. I cried right along. Sitting there with cheese sticks and a Dr Pepper, I cried for a princess I didn't even know. read more


Prophet of Purpose

By Jeffrey L. Sheler | Doubleday | hardcover | 320 pages | $22.99

Rick Warren is one of the best-known figures in the modern church. He is the author of the hugely successful book The Purpose-Driven Life, but perhaps is better known on the world stage as one of two pastors selected to pray at President Obama's inauguration in January.

But as journalist Jeffery L. Sheler reveals in his new book, Prophet of Purpose: The Life of Rick Warren, Warren traveled a long road to reach the edge of influence. read more

It's Your Time

By Joel Osteen | Free Press | hardcover | 320 pages | $25

In It's Your Time, Joel Osteen's follow-up to his 2007 Become a Better You, the best-selling author delivers a message of encouragement for readers struggling in an uncertain economic climate. Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, said his new book has been influenced by people he has encountered at church and around the country. read more

Happy Spouse ... Happy House

By Pat and Ruth Williams with Dave Wimbish | Standard Publishing | softcover | 224 pages | $14.99

Author and sports executive Pat Williams, and his wife, Ruth, offer marital advice in Happy Spouse ... Happy House: The BEST Game Plan for a Winning Marriage. "BEST" is an acronym for the plan's four key verbs: Bless, Edify, Share and Touch. read more



By Michael R. Emlet | New Growth Press | softcover | 212 pages | $15.99

After working as a family physician for 12 years, Dr. Michael Emlet sensed God calling him into full-time ministry. His desire to offer spiritual counseling and pastoral care to people compelled him to pursue a Master of Divinity degree, and he is now a counselor and faculty member of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation.

Emlet understands Christians encounter real problems and that there isn't always a specific verse for every modern-day hardship. His first book, CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet, offers Christians a guide for applying Scripture to everyday life.

He recently answered questions and shared more about his new book. read more

I Dreamed a Dream

By Susan Boyle | Sony/Integrity Music

Susan Boyle's life radically changed when she auditioned for the TV show Britain's Got Talent. She went from the choir in her hometown of Blackburn, Scotland, to the world stage with her humble tryout. She grabbed not only everyone's attention but also their hearts. Now Boyle, with her unmistakable voice, offers her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream. read more


Give Yourself Away

By NewSong | His Honor Music

Give Yourself Away, the 16th recording from Grammy-nominated NewSong, signals a new era of music and ministry for the legendary group. After 28 years together, the November release is NewSong's debut on its new imprint, His Honor Music. The project represents a series of firsts for the band, including an innovative marketing campaign in keeping with the album's theme. read more

In the Blink of an Eye

Pure Flix Entertainment | Starring David A.R. White, Eric Roberts, Andrea Logan White, Lonnie Colon, Jessica Magnuson | $19.95

Mix Groundhog Day with the Left Behind series and you might end up with In the Blink of an Eye. The 85-minute end-times drama stars David A.R. White as a detective plunged into a recurring nightmare when his wife and friends disappear during a dream vacation. Unraveling links with the crime underworld, the cop is also forced to investigate his personal beliefs and recognize that earthly paradise is only temporary. read more

The Christmas Clause

MTI Home Video | Starring Lea Thompson, Andrew Airlie, Laura Mennell | $24.98

The Christmas Clause
tells the story of Sophie Kelly (Lea Thompson: Back to the Future, TV's Caroline in the City), a top-rated lawyer with three kids and a husband (Andrew Airlie: Fantastic Four) who take up all of her time. read more


Birdie & Bogey

Pure Flix Entertainment | Starring Janine Turner, Mike Norris, Amanda Alch | $19.99

Birdie O'Connor dreams that her dad, Danny, will play the PGA tour again. His choice of caddy, his 12-year-old daughter, stuns the golfing world. But when he starts to win with his young coach's help, people take notice. Just when it looks like Danny will get a chance to play the PGA, Birdie is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. read more


Phil Wickham: Back to the Basics

Phil Wickham's newest album, Heaven and Earth, is a reminder to the church of the simple blessings, promises and rewards of God. It's also the fruit of a personal journal that had the singer searching Scripture for the last year and a half to gain a deeper understanding of believers' future in heaven.

"I've always been excited about going to heaven, but the Lord is lighting a fire or fanning a flame inside me," Wickham told The Buzz. "The church gets a skewed version of heaven in their minds. We envision it as clouds and God with a big beard, and I think we forget that God promises life everlasting and things that we can't ever dream or start imagining. We're going to be who we were always created to be, we're going to be with who we were always created to be with, everything will be complete again. ... The more I think about it, the more I think of how that relates to what Jesus did for us on the cross." read more

Declare Your Name

By Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir | Integrity Music

In a nearly 30-year career, the 285-voice Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has distinguished itself with six Grammys, nine Dove Awards, two No. 1 hits and more than 4 million in album sales. Not resting on its laurels, the esteemed choir, known for songs such as "Praise You" and "Midnight Cry," is using its latest musical offering to "declare" God's name globally. read more

One Simple Act

By Debbie Macomber | Howard Books | hardcover | 224 pages | $22.99

In One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity, popular author Debbie Macomber touches on the story of the boy with the meager lunch of fish and bread that Jesus was able to share with 5,000 people, as a perfect example of what God can do with what one might consider so small. read more

Until the Whole World Hears

By Casting Crowns | Reunion Records

Living with a kingdom focus is the theme of Until the Whole World Hears, the latest studio album from Grammy Award-winning group Casting Crowns.

"Our main purpose, above all else, is to know Him more," says singer-songwriter Mark Hall. The title track on the album comes from an e-mail signature from Roger Glidewell, Hall's mentor in student ministry, who always closed his messages with the phrase, "Until the whole world hears." read more


By Donald Miller | Creative Trust Media | $14.99

Donald Miller, best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz, offers Convergence: Where Faith and Life Meet, a new DVD series appropriate for study at church, home and in small groups. Miller engages viewers with conversation with prominent Christian writers and thinkers Dan Allender, Tremper Longman, Lauren Winner and Phyllis Tickle. read more


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