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Battlefield of the Mind

By Joyce Meyer | Anchor Bay Entertainment

Battlefield of the Mind by best-selling author Joyce Meyer is the most popular title of her more than 80 books. And now teachings based on that book are available on DVD. Meyer always preaches biblically and practically, and she is no different here. This special edition DVD includes more than three hours of instruction, helping viewers change their mindsets and overcome self-destructive thinking to live a healthier and more victorious lives. read more

New Album Release Roundup

In real estate the three most important assets are location, location, location. In music, the three main keys must be timing, timing, timing. More than a dozen artists have new albums out April 21. Here are just a few. read more

Special Movie Review: Earth

Disneynature | Rated G

It all comes down to a tilt ... and a really big God.

As I watched Disneynature's Earth, which opened on Earth Day, I was in awe of God's amazing handiwork. I know that's probably not the intention behind the making of this film, but all I could see was evidence of our Creator and how nature cries out praise to Him. read more

More Than I See

By Seth Condrey | Koch Records / Kosmos Records

A worship leader at North Point Community Church outside Atlanta, Seth Condrey's second album is an interesting collection of praise and worship tunes and modern rock-infused pop ballads. Condrey, who attended college in South America and won a Gospel Music Association Dove Award for his 2007 Spanish-language album De corazon a corazon, is pretty impressive singing in his native tongue, too. read more

Sarah Reeves: Worshiping With a 'Sweet Sweet Sound'

God messed up Sarah Reeves' life.

Reeves comes from a musical family and dreamed of becoming a big rock star. But when she was 15 God changed everything. At a youth camp she saw teenagers worshiping and radically pursuing God with all their hearts. She knew at that moment God was calling her to be a worship leader. "God humbled me and messed up my life, my way of thinking and said, ‘Sarah, life's not about you, it's about Me." read more

David After Dentist: Up Close and (Really) Personal

I'm famous. By association.

Have you seen the YouTube video "David After Dentist"—you know, the one that's been viewed almost 19 million times? Yeah, that's my nephew. I would say I taught him all he knows, but since he's now famous for being in a post-surgery stupor, I'm not sure what that says about my normal state of mind.



Anyway, last May my then-7-year-old nephew David had to have oral surgery and was quite nervous. His mom, Tessie, also had to work. His dad (my brother) was taking him to the dentist and decided to video record moments of the day so Tessie could see how their son did. read more

Breaking the Jewish Code

By Perry Stone, Charisma House, hardcover, 245 pages, $21.99

The Jewish people have been one of the most successful people groups despite also being one of the most persecuted. In Breaking the Jewish Code, evangelist Perry Stone identifies what he calls "the Jewish DNA of success" and shows the Jews' secret to creativity, financial success, health and family unity. Stone believes that anyone can apply the principles to their lives and reap the same rewards. In this book, he explains the Hebrew covenant; spiritual principles of health, wealth and creating prosperity; the influence of family; leaving a legacy; and 12 keys of success the Jewish people have known for thousands of years. Emulate God's chosen people and you will experience a life more successful than you could ever imagine.

Click here to purchase this life-changing book.

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Because I Said So...

By Dawn Meehan, GuidepostsBooks, softcover, 240 pages, $14.99

When a stay-at-home mom posted a baseball for sale on eBay along with a hilarious essay about its adventures in her home, she struck gold. The ball sold for more than $1,000, and Meehan had an instant audience. Readers flocked to the blog she started about her chaotic life, mainly because it made theirs seem less so. Because I Said So ... and Other Tales From a Less-Than-Perfect Parent is Dawn Meehan's book of humorous essays about parenting, which stresses that it's OK not to have it all together. Laugh-out-loud antics are balanced with poignant insights on the joys of rearing children—and Meehan and her husband have six.

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Angel of Wrath

By Bill Myers, FaithWords, softcover, 336 pages, $13.99

Bill Myers crafts a gripping supernatural thriller in Angel of Wrath, touching on the themes of worship, judgment and mercy. The follow-up to The Voice, the book gives a refresher course for newcomers to the Voice of God series, providing profiles of the characters in its preface.

Seattle-area megachurch pastor Thomas Harmon recruits his sister-dismissed FBI agent Lisa Harmon-and ex-Special Ops agent Charlie Madison to help police catch Kristof, a serial murderer targeting Thomas' congregation. Kristof, also ex-Special Ops, chooses victims whom he considers hypocrites.

As Charlie closes in on Kristof, Lisa realizes her father is next—unless she forgives his past sexual abuse. Meanwhile, Kristof offers his victims as sacrifices in demonic Wiccan rituals conducted by his teenage followers, who summon a bizarre trans-dimensional beast.

The action in the story is sometimes used to reveal deeper themes, such as the concept that all passions, even good ones, can become vices, with even Thomas realizing his own selfish ambition. The book's fast pace will draw in readers not put off by moments of gruesome imagery.


Click here to purchase this novel. read more

State of Play

Universal Pictures | Starring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, Robin Wright Penn, Jason Bateman, Jeff Daniels | Rated PG-13

U.S. Congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) is a rising star and chairman of a committee overseeing defense spending. His party has high hopes for him that he will become a national leader. But these political hopes are dashed when his beautiful staff assistant dies tragically and secrets are exposed.

Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe), a D.C. reporter, is a longtime friend of Collins' but his editor, Cameron Lynne (Helen Mirren) assigns him to the story. As McAffrey and newbie reporter Della Frye (Rachel McAdams) investigate, McAffrey discovers a cover-up that will rock the power structures in the nation. In the city where money, power and politics rule, everyone is subject to suspense and scrutiny.

This film is rated PG-13 for language, sexual references and drug content.

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By MercyMe, INO Records.


Time flies when you're having fun—and writing hit songs, climbing the music charts, winning awards, selling millions of CDs and DVDs and, most important, ministering to people. It's hard to realize that it's been 10 years since MercyMe frontman Bart Millard wrote the now classic "I Can Only Imagine." The band surely couldn't have imagined then that Millard's personal song, written in response to his father's untimely death, would become a great hit and set the band on its current path. But God does what we cannot imagine or comprehend, and He has used this band to minister to millions over the last decade. read more

Live Revelations: On Stage, Off Stage, Backstage

By Third Day, Essential Records.

Christian rock band Third Day decided to give fans a close-up glimpse of their lives on the road. Tai Anderson, the band's bass player, calls this DVD-CD release an "all access" pass. "When we say, ‘all access,' we really went to the extreme with it," Anderson notes. "You'll see Mac, Mark, David, me living day-to-day with the people we call our ‘family on the road' and just being ourselves; sometimes intense, sometimes funny-but always real." Hear the guys' discussions before and after performances. Watch as they balance the demands of life on the road and their relationships.

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Israel: A Journey Through Time

Exploration Films


Travel thousands of miles to Israel without even leaving your home. Exploration Films and Christians for Israel, Canada, offer a six-DVD series on Israel from a biblical perspective. This documentary set was filmed entirely in Israel. Join host John Tweedie as he explores the rich history of the land from Abraham to Jesus; discusses Jesus in-depth and His influence on the world; examines the origins of anti-Semitism and its impact on the Jewish people; and so much more. read more

Faith Like Potatoes

Sony Pictures
Rated PG

The dramatization of an unlikely South African evangelist's remarkable ministry, which became a hit general release movie in his homeland, released on DVD April 7.

Faith Like Potatoes tells the story of farmer Angus Buchan—described by South African media as "a folksy version of Billy Graham"—who overcame major losses to see a physical and spiritual harvest, spreading a message of racial reconciliation and hope in Christ. (Read more about Angus Buchan.)

The 113-minute drama is based on the similarly titled book published by Monarch Books. Released in theaters in South Africa in 2006, the film became one of the top five grossing domestic movies of all time there and won several film festival awards. read more

Mommy Grace

By Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman, FaithWords, hardcover, 176 pages, $14.99.


 Being a mom is not always easy. And unfortunately mothers feel inadequate to meet all their children's needs. Some are afraid they could actually harm their children because they are not perfect. In her new book, Mommy Grace, Sheila Schuller Coleman, a mother of four grown sons, offers advice that will help relieve these fears and erase feelings of guilt. She assures women that no mother is perfect and it's God who makes up for our weaknesses. read more

While I'm Waiting

By John Waller, Reunion Records.

John Waller's sophomore album, While I'm Waiting, combines vertical songs to God as well as worship that will build up the body of Christ. His name might seem familiar to fans of the blockbuster film Fireproof. The title track of While I'm Waiting was the only song played in its entirety on the movie. Film fans will find that song as well as additional clips from the movie soundtrack on Waller's new CD. read more

His Name Is Jesus

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

—John 3:16, NKJV

This week there is only one person appropriate to spotlight: Jesus.

His Name Is Jesus, compiled from various writings by Max Lucado, is a profound look at Christ's birth, mission, death, resurrection and legacy. This compilation is not merely a book; it's a visual experience with breath-taking pictures showcasing truths that offer a new perspective on God's love and the gift of His Son. Set aside a few moments this Easter weekend to reflect anew on what Jesus Christ did for you. He loves you. And He gave His life for you. 

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VeggieTales: An Easter Carol

Big Idea

Christmas in April? Not ... wait for it ... egg-xactly. Only the creators of VeggieTales can take Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, adapt it to Easter and make it work. Since 2004 An Easter Carol has sold more than 1 million copies, and the DVD has been relaunched just in time for Easter 2009. Parents can appreciate the wholesome message, and their children will enjoy being entertained while learning the meaning behind this special celebration. read more

Ron Kardashian: Getting in Shape God's Way

Some people might think that fitness trainers are born with a proclivity for being healthy and fit. But Ron Kardashian dispels this myth because he didn't grow up with a passion for health and fitness or a desire to help others become healthy and productive. He discovered, however, that this was exactly God's destiny for him. In his new book, Getting in Shape God's Way, he writes about his experience and the keys he learned to becoming fit in mind, body and soul.

Kardashian's discovery of God's plan for him came after years of struggle. He grew up chronically ill, and suffered from allergies, infections and a learning disability-all of which created deep feelings of insecurity and inferiority. He turned to food and eventually to drugs and alcohol for comfort. After high school Kardashian's life spiraled even more out of control. But one night he cried out to God. "From that night on my life was never the same-on the inside. However, the outside had a long way to catch up," he writes.

It took several more years for Kardashian to realize that drugs, women, modeling and money couldn't fix him-and that only God could. As Kardashian studied the Bible, God revealed His plan for him, and he pursued a more productive lifestyle. He got his education in fitness training and eventually received his certification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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Monster Vs. Aliens

DreamWorks Animation
Rated PG

Don't you love it when a kid's movie is clean enough for kids to enjoy and smart enough for adults to be entertained? It's a delicate balance that doesn't always occur. I'll never forget taking some friends' children to see the live-action Casper film and one of them gasping every time an expletive was uttered. I felt horrible for the movie selection, but it really wasn't my fault—I'd been duped.

 Thankfully, the new animated movie Monsters Vs. Aliens doesn't follow the trend of relying on adult language over witty dialogue. The story, which centers on a group of B-movie style monsters who are recruited by the government to fight an alien invasion, delivers plenty of clever moments and keeps the action going full-speed ahead. It's similar in style to The Incredibles mixed with old-fashioned monsters and Independence Day. read more


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