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Queer Eye On America

Radical Gay Activists have plans to change our nation and their agenda goes way beyond wardrobe makeovers read more

Storm Troopers

In the wake of Katrina, Christian relief groups were some of the first to offer food, shelter and kindness. read more

He's Goin' Places Now

Vern Jackson was a truck driver going nowhere. Then God gave him HIS BIG BREAK-and his music career began to soar. read more

Go the Second Mile

Jesus said those who follow Him must go out of their way to love people. Are you ready to GO THE DISTANCE? read more

The Lady is a Prayer Warrior

She is known as the mentor of dynamic preacher Juanita Bynum. But pastor Veter Nichols is committed to training an army of intercessors for God. read more

Youth on Fire

Today's youth are spiritually hungry and ready to throw themselves into God's work. Here's how you can tap into their energy and create an explosion. read more

Healers of the Wounded Soul

John and Paula Sandford, founders of the Elijah House ministry, are pioneers of the inner-healing movement. They paid a high price to carry their message to the church read more

Days of Thunder

The Holy Spirit jolted the American church more than four decades ago and brought waves of renewal. Today we celebrate those days of visitation. read more

Holy Spirit, Make Me Bold

God's Spirit is ready an willing to empower us. But be prepared: Those who are filled with His power often feel compelled to take unusual risks. read more

30 Emerging Voices

Who will lead the church in the next decade? These young Christian leaders, all 40 or younger, represent THE FUTURE OF THE AMERICAN CHURCH. read more

She's Out to Save a Generation

Karen Wheaton put her music career on the back burner and did something radical - She moved home to Alabama and launched one of the nation's most effective outreaches to teenagers. read more

Healing in the Delta

Racist attitudes have gripped Mississippi for decades. But Dolphus WEaery is changing hearts in the state's churches. read more
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