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Why the Universe Is the Way It Is
By Hugh Ross, BakerBooks, hardcover, 240 pages, $17.99.

Why the Universe Is the Way It IsHugh Ross, Ph.D., president and founder of Reasons to Believe, is not intimidated by big questions. In fact, his book Why the Universe Is the Way It Is overflows with them. But fortunately his question-and-answer format provides solid scientific explanations to questions such as “Why is the universe so big? So lonely? So dark?” Ross gives data, diagrams, charts and logic to counter any skeptic’s doubts. After establishing his case from a scientist’s perspective, he then looks at questions about the universe from a biblical viewpoint. He uses plenty of Scripture and analysis to support his beliefs on such topics as why there is not a perfect universe now, why the need for two creations, and why the new creation will be better. Ross presents a thorough, thought-provoking examination of God’s awe-inspiring creation. There’s no question about that. —Jeff Friend

Rebuilding the Real You
By Jack Hayford, Charisma House, softcover, 240 pages, $14.99.

Rebuilding the Real YouAs Nehemiah looked at the ruined walls of Jerusalem, he was overwhelmed by the devastation of the great city, but he realized he could not leave it in such a defeated state. In Rebuilding the Real You, Jack Hayford parallels Nehemiah’s construction efforts with the Holy Spirit’s work in rebuilding and strengthening the believer’s life. Nehemiah had to develop a plan, furnish supplies, encourage the people, defend against attacks, and see the project through to completion. Likewise, the Holy Spirit provides everything needed to rebuild and restore a ruined life. Hayford gives insightful analysis of the history and importance of Jerusalem and its fallen walls and Nehemiah’s divinely appointed role in the restoration. By studying Nehemiah, Christians gain a practical, eye-opening example of the Holy Spirit’s desire and ability to transform a broken life into a powerful testimony of renewal. —Jeff Friend

Taking Jesus to Work
By Vera R. Jackson, Chosen, softcover, 192 pages, $13.99.

Taking Jesus to WorkWhile hundreds of books on marketplace ministry have emerged in recent years, Vera R. Jackson has written a definitive manual to help Christians treat their occupation as a divine calling. She cites her experience with leading several nonprofits and businesses, running a management-consulting firm, and serving as a pastor at Hope Christian Church under Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. This background lends authenticity to her observations about ways to introduce Christ in marketplace settings without being offensive or stealing time from one’s employer. Among the book’s many utilitarian purposes are lists of “dos” and “don’ts,” prayers to help guide marketplace ministers, and a list of worship declarations to keep one’s mind focused on God who provides. For those who still reason that the highest calling is “working for the church,” the author explains that Christ has given each believer a missions mandate that is just as valid in the marketplace as it is in the church. —Ken Walker


From Anger to Intimacy
By Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham, Regal Books, hardcover, 256 pages, $22.99.

From Anger to IntimacyWorking out anger issues in marriage is the theme of From Anger to Intimacy: How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Marriage by relationship author Gary Smalley with Ted Cunningham, a pastor Smalley has mentored through the years. The book is conversational and user-friendly, giving many relatable and sometimes humorous true experiences from both authors to illustrate the right and wrong ways to deal with conflict that can derail marriages as well as other relationships, including among those in church leadership. As the authors use the example of the Bible as a mirror, the book itself offers a reflection to the reader, with a few interactive elements such as personal inventories and quizzes to pinpoint underlying issues of the heart. The pair present a balanced biblical perspective, encouraging spouses to consider each other’s feelings and helping readers recognize their own hot buttons. From Anger to Intimacy will be a big help to couples struggling to navigate the challenges of marriage but should also be required reading for couples who feel like they’re doing just fine. It’s an easy read and also a good resource for spouses to refer back to throughout their marriage. DeWayne Hamby



The Real Enemy
By Kathy Herman, David Cook, softcover, 320 pages, $14.99.

The Real EnemyBrill Jessup, police chief of Sophie Trace, Tenn., is reeling after her husband’s affair and throws herself into her work. When people start disappearing, she investigates the mysteries while contending with the locals’ belief that it’s the Cherokee spirit haunting the town. But Brill has an even bigger enemy—one she can’t fight with a gun.










If Tomorrow Never Comes
By Marlo Schalesky, Multnomah Books, softcover, 352 pages, $12.99.

If Tomorrow Never ComesKinna and Jimmy Henley, childhood sweethearts, had their whole life planned: marriage, children, a beach home. But infertility has left them brokenhearted. When Kinna saves an elderly woman from the ocean, they are given one final chance to give up their own plan and follow God’s.










According to Their Deeds
By Paul Robertson, BethanyHouse, softcover, 368 pages, $13.99.

According to Their DeedsCharles Beale is a rare books dealer in Washington, D.C. When a client with connections to the Justice Department dies, Charles buys the man’s book collection. In one volume are papers that could incriminate a slew of major politicians—and might have led to murder. Now Charles is the one in danger and must try to unravel a host of lies and secrets.










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