Six years ago, I stood holding my infant son, Nathaniel, trying to sort out what I was hearing. Our family doctor said that the plates in our son's skull did not seem to be closing properly, and he needed to see a pediatric neurosurgeon.

I wondered: A pediatric neurosurgeon? Nathaniel's only 4 months old. I'm just here for a checkup. Will they operate on his brain?

By the time my husband, Art, got home that day, I was remembering that God was in control. I believed we could pray and this situation could turn completely around. Art and I agreed that not only did we need to pray, but we also needed to have a prayer service at our house for Nathaniel.

The night before our friends and family came over for prayer, I was battling fear and worry. I felt the Lord leading me to seek Him alone. I went to my bedroom, shut the door and began to pray in the Spirit. Then I sensed the Lord leading me to the book of Judges.

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Why Judges? I thought. Then I read, "No razor shall come upon his head" (Judg. 13:5, NKJV). Immediately I knew this was a personal word for me. I began laughing and crying. I was so amazed at how the Lord could give a word to me that was so real.

I told my husband about my experience, and he rejoiced with me, although he was somewhat cautious. We both battled worry and fear, but by the next day we were rejoicing with our friends and family as we fully received the word the Lord gave to us.

During the next few weeks, Nathaniel underwent several tests. These were reviewed by the best pediatric neurosurgeon in the region. As the doctor went over the results, I had tremendous peace. I only wished I could have shared it with others.

The doctor informed us that our son's head was misshapen, and that he would need to wear a helmet for a while. She said this was common, and surgery was not necessary.

Today, Nathaniel is fine. His head is not perfectly round, but what little boy's head is? Most of all, he already has a love for God and received Jesus as his Savior when he was 5.

When his kindergarten class studied careers and drew pictures of what they wanted to be when they grew up, Nathaniel drew a picture of a pastor. Perhaps this is another word from God. I'm so glad the Lord protected our son, and gave us comfort and peace through His Word during a very difficult time.

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