It was Saturday morning, and I really wanted one of those flaky biscuit sandwiches from a local fast-food restaurant. Nobody makes 'em better than this place!

My husband and I had a busy day planned. We'd just swing by the restaurant, pick up our order, which we'd called in, and get on with the numerous tasks at hand.

We weren't expecting to be delayed by a hit-and-run accident. A car had entered an intersection on a red light. An oncoming vehicle swerved to avoid a crash and was forced up onto the median where it leveled a street sign.

In disbelief, we watched as the guilty driver sped away. Hot biscuits aside, we had no choice but to follow her.

She never stopped. Finally, we took down her license plate number and returned to the accident scene.

The distraught driver, Matt, was grateful when we produced a license number so the police could trace the other vehicle's owner. "Are you guys in a hurry?" Matt asked. "Can you talk to the police when they arrive?"

While my husband and Matt waited for the police, I left to pick up the much-desired biscuits. As I drove to the restaurant, I felt the Lord prompt me to offer my sandwich to Matt.

Ridiculous! I thought. He probably already ate breakfast.

But this young man would probably appreciate a gesture of kindness. I'll buy an extra biscuit sandwich for him, I thought.

No, I reminded myself. I didn't have enough money to purchase a third item. I resolved to offer my longed-for sandwich to Matt. I could do without.

I pulled up to the drive-through window, paid for two sausage-and-egg-biscuit sandwiches, and drove back to the scene of the accident. To my great surprise, Matt eagerly accepted my mouthwatering gift!

With the police report finalized, and Matt taken care of, we got in our car to leave. I reached into the brown paper sack and handed the remaining biscuit to my husband, hoping that this generous soul would insist on sharing it with me.

But there was something else in the bag, something warm, soft and wrapped. In amazement, I stared at what the Lord had placed in my hand--a sausage-and-egg- biscuit sandwich!

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