Living Supernaturally

A few months ago I spent time with Heidi Baker, a missionary who has a large ministry based in Mozambique, Africa. She and her husband have founded many orphanages and planted thousands of churches.

She described the miracles she has witnessed of provision of food for the orphanages and of God's intervention on her behalf with the Muslim government of Mozambique. She also told me about the visitations and personal encounters with God she has experienced as a vital part of her spiritual walk. Though often the miraculous interventions she witnessed came in response to serious challenges or persecution, it was clear from her description that she lives a supernatural life.

According to the American Dictionary of the English Language, the word "supernatural" refers to things that are "beyond or exceeding the powers or laws of nature; miraculous." The supernatural realm is beyond what we see, and it is where we are all called to walk. But many of us have the idea that only a chosen few are called to live supernaturally.

This is not true. We were designed by God to function in the supernatural realm. We are spirit beings. When our spirits are awakened to new life in Christ, the relationship we have with God makes it possible for us to be in continual communion, or fellowship, with Him and to hear His voice. Receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit equips us to utilize His gifts in all areas of our lives, just as the disciples did.

The book of Acts describes what their lives were like after Pentecost. It is filled with records of miracles, dreams, visitations with angels and other supernatural encounters. These accounts give us insight into what is available to us today in our walks with God.

And not only available, but also necessary. There are many places God is calling us to go that will require us to step beyond what we know in the natural. We must be like the men and women of biblical days, who had to move in the supernatural realm to fulfill God's assignments.

Think about Joseph. He was called to a place of leadership in Egypt, but he never would have made it to that place without employing his supernatural ability to interpret dreams. Or Peter, who followed an angel out of prison so he could continue preaching the gospel.

Philip was translated to another place to accomplish God's assignment for him. And Paul, the great evangelist, received direction for his travels through a night vision and was warned through prophecy.

You may not have the same assignments the disciples did, but whatever God wants you to do, you need His direction and power to do it. Whether you are called to be a witness in the secular marketplace, or disciple your children, or encourage a fellow believer, you will be most effective if you operate in the supernatural realm.

Living in the supernatural isn't only about fulfilling God's assignments. It's also about opening the door to the kingdom of God that Jesus said is within us--the place we will find righteousness, peace and joy. It is even more about fellowship with God. He dwells in the supernatural realm, and to have true fellowship with Him, we must be where He is.

How do you get there? Simple—by developing intimacy with Him through worship and prayer. You may not see an angel, but don't be surprised if you suddenly begin to have what Cindy Jacobs calls "supernatural adventures." As she points out in her article (p. 20), "[God] will do amazing things in your life if you believe Him and do what He says."

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