My husband, Benny, and I married in 1977 and decided to wait a few years before having children. After three years, our desires changed, and it wasn't long before we discovered a fertility problem.

For the next seven years, we went through fertility testing and treatments and suffered the typical frustrations every infertile couple goes through. We even began adoption proceedings.

The waiting seemed endless, and the paperwork was overwhelming. At times, it was difficult to believe God. We prayed for healing in order to conceive our children, but instead, God led us down a path of joys and heartaches we would never have chosen. Looking back now, we wouldn't have had it any other way.

Through this process, we learned that with adversity comes maturity, and with prayer comes faith. Our children did not come to us by natural birth or through an adoption agency; they came by a divine appointment of God! We met each unwed mother in a most unusual way, and they each chose us to be the parents of their children.

I had the pleasure of seeing our daughter Veronica born and being the first to hold her. Three years later we introduced her to her new brother and sister, twins Mark and Rachel, who turned our home delightfully upside down.

As our quiver filled with children, our hearts filled with joy. But due to a complication surrounding the twins' adoption, we became embroiled in a custody fight for them when they were 6 months old. The judge ruled in our favor and three months after they had been removed from our home, Mark and Rachel were returned.

The decision was appealed and, after yet another 12-month court battle, our case landed in the Supreme Court of Iowa. Finally, on the day before Thanksgiving 1992, we received news of our victory. If ever we had seen the grace of God at work in our lives, it was then.

We thank Him for the privilege of raising these three extraordinary children. Veronica is now 16 and towers over both her parents at 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Mark and Rachel are 13, with athletic ability far beyond their father's or mine.

What God wants to do cannot be stopped! Let Him have His way in every situation and watch His grace move in unexpected ways!

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