Perry Stone Interprets the Signs of Our Time: Full Interview

When Charisma Publisher Steve Strang sat down with Bible teacher Perry Stone, he expected to talk about dreams and visions. What he got instead was a download of Stone’s interpretation of how today’s events relate to the end times—and what believers can do. Watch the full interview with Perry Stone and Steve Strang below.


Low Cost Ways to a Christian College

FIVE cost-effective ways to send your child to a Christian university.

Start early. Encourage your child to take Advanced Placement courses in high school to cut down on the amount of classes that you’ll need to pay for at a four-year university.

Search for scholarships. You may be amazed at the variety of faith-based scholarships  that are available. Broaden your search beyond just academics grants.

Think ahead. Parents should consider putting away money for their child’s education when they are still in elementary school. Some states allow you to lock in tuition rates.

Cut the time. In order to save money, your child may want to attend a community college for the first two years.

Try Uncle Sam. Federal loans are one way students pay for school. Remember don’t borrow more than is needed. Go to FAFSA.

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