Prayer Storm
By James W. Goll, Destiny Image, softcover, 282 pages, $15.99.

James W. Goll is issuing Christians an urgent summons to join an army of intercessors. His newest book, Prayer Storm: The Hour That Changes the World, is both a call to and a comprehensive manual on intercessory prayer. Inspired by the Moravian Lampstand, a round-the-clock prayer meeting that began in 1727 and lasted more than 110 years, Goll has initiated the Prayer Storm. Joining with other modern prayer movements, he set up a Web site where intercessors can sign up for a weekly hourlong slot for prayer. The site features prayer topics and special prayer alerts. In the book, the author begins with the need for intercessory prayer and teaches how to engage in it. The book goes on to give details about the main focus of this particular initiative, which includes prayer for revival in the church, our youth, crisis intervention and Israel. But he also lists in the appendix other prominent prayer groups and their focuses as well. This is an excellent resource to inspire prayer and to give direction on how to be involved in a global strategic-prayer movement.
—Deborah L. Delk


Living Water
By Brother Yun, Zondervan, softcover, 320 pages, $14.99.

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In Living Water, Brother Yun says Christians need the flowing water of the presence of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit to have effective lives. Yun exhorts the Western church to be willing to suffer and writes about the occasions when he was jailed for preaching the gospel. Yun also wrote the international best-seller The Heavenly Man, which shares his personal story of becoming a Christian preacher in China, where the communist government is hostile to Christians. Living Water is thought-provoking and unpretentious. It is divided into three sections—Freedom in Christ, Streams of Living Water and Soldiers for Christ—in which Yun teaches Christians how to maintain a fervent faith that causes others to hunger for salvation. Yun writes, “Our role is simply to hear [God’s] voice, to give our lives unreservedly so that we may become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and to obey His command to reach this sick and hurting world.”

Believe That You Can
By Jentezen Franklin, Charisma House, hardcover, 256 pages, $21.99.

In Believe That You Can, pastor-author Jentezen Franklin shares how you can both unleash and reach God’s dream for your life. Franklin gives six stages to birthing every dream: I thought it. I caught it. I bought it. I sought it. I got it. I taught it. He explains how the birthing process takes you from an idea to reality. He also tells through examples from Scripture and personal experience how to live your dreams and visions. He emphasizes the importance of writing down your dreams, turning personal liabilities into assets and being determined. Loaded with practical advice, this book provides motivation for anyone who desires to turn dreams into reality.

Israel’s Anointing
By Sandra Teplinsky, Chosen, softcover, 224 pages, 14.99.

As a Jewish believer in Jesus, Sandra Teplinsky wants to see the blessings of Israel imparted to the international body of Christ. Building on the current wave of appreciation for the Jewish people and the foundations of Christian faith, Teplinsky seeks to share Messiah-centered truths with gentiles so they can love and serve God more intimately and join forces to create a united spiritual front. In Israel’s Anointing she says Jews are coming to faith in numbers not seen since the book of Acts. She believes that a company of believers made up of Messianic Jews and gentiles is being outfitted for battle to be the “Messianic Warrior Bride.” Not only will this “fresh warrior spirit” take the church through the end times, Teplinsky believes, but also we can enjoy heaven on earth during the Messianic millennium—1,000 years of glorious governmental, kingdom rule here on earth. Teplinsky believes there are practices that need to be observed to make it happen. She is an advocate for holiness, keeping the Sabbath, fulfilling the law and living a Torah-observant lifestyle.

Making Sense of Spiritual Warfare
By Eddie Smith, Bethany House, softcover, 208 pages, $14.99.

Eddie Smith tries to demystify the many theories floating around about spiritual warfare. Whether you’re attempting to swing a spiritual sword at principalities or just seeking solutions to personal and family problems, Smith will set you straight on what is actually biblical and what is as wild as an urban myth. He warns against spiritualizing everything in life and thinking salvation brings freedom from temptation. His challenge to readers is to win battles over sin and to move into the next level of warfare. Smith explains how the enemy targets the lost by blinding them and how he attacks the family and seduces children. He gives deliverance guidelines that may rattle your convictions. He compares attacking Satan with the way a team of engineering experts destroys a large structure. The secret isn’t knowing how much explosive to use; it is knowing where to place it.

God’s Big Idea
By Myles Munroe, Destiny Image, softcover, 240 pages $24.99.

Myles Munroe’s latest release, God’s Big Idea: Reclaiming God’s Original Purpose for Your Life, is simultaneously depressing and inspiring. It is depressing because the Bahamian pastor, author and leadership mentor spells out how the church is falling short of implementing God’s big idea—to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. Yet it also inspires because Munroe, who uses hefty samplings of Scripture to buttress his case, shows the difference that living by God’s Word instead of cultural dictates can make. As an example, he cites a restaurant manager who turned around a failing business in months because of her reliance on scriptural principles. Supporting the author’s argument is the fact that Christians lack societal influence because so many fail to live a lifestyle that sets them apart from the world. As Munroe says, people are sick of religion but hungry to see Christ in action. He suggests that instead of spending so much time thinking about heaven we focus on making a difference right now.


Image of a Man
By Marvin Winans Jr., M2 Entertainment.

The son of gospel greats Marvin and Vickie Winans, Marvin Winans Jr. has a young sound that makes you want to dance. His urban flair has been compared to that of Chris Brown and Alicia Keyes. Winans, who has also produced a number of artists, including his mom, writes music and plays the keyboard. According to Winans, the theme of Image of a Man is what a man is and what a man is supposed to be. The song “You Never Let Me Down” has a Caribbean-influenced sound. And the song “Feel It All” is about the need to reconcile broken relationships. This is a good CD to listen to personally or to give to evangelize an unsaved friend. Marvin Winans Jr. continues the family tradition of trend-setting, popular music.

The Bridge
By Anthony Evans, EMI Gospel.

Anthony Evans, the son of popular pastor, author and speaker Tony Evans, reaches out on The Bridge to listeners with contemporary worship songs that have a soulful edge. The CD opens with “Glory to the King,” a contemporary worship song that is noticeable for its jazzy beat. Standards such as “Blessed Be Your Name,” “Here I Am to Worship” and “Let It Rain” make this an album that easily leads to raised hands and words of praise to God. Evans’ songwriting talents are featured on the song “The Way You Love Me,” a tender ballad of God’s love. This CD is not merely entertaining; it is a worship experience.

Today Is the Day
By Lincoln Brewster, Integrity Music.

Today Is the Day has a popular, guitar-filled sound that energizes Lincoln Brewster’s release. The title track is a fast and fun song about putting the past behind and keeping our eyes on Jesus. “The Power of Your Name” is about living to be compassionate in this world through the power of Christ. The slower melody of “God You Reign” has the lyrics: “You paint the night / You count the stars and You call them by name / The skies will claim / God You reign.” Brewster’s background as worship arts pastor at Bayside Church near Sacramento, Calif., is evident throughout this CD with lyrics that celebrate God’s nature such as those in “Everywhere I Go.” Brewster’s music has a positive outlook and an upbeat sound. If you want to worship with an edge, Today Is the Day is a winner.



Farraday Road
By Ace Collins, Zondervan, hardcover, 352 pages, $15.99.

One night Lije Evans and his wife are gunned down. But the killers don’t know that Evans, a lawyer, survived and is now on a mission to find them. Evans becomes a target, but he finds proof of a conspiracy to kill his wife, and he is determined to find the truth and to help save an innocent man on death row.


Until We Reach Home
By Lynn Austin, Bethany House, softcover, 432 pages, $13.99.

After Elin, Kirsten and Sofia’s parents die, life in Sweden is harder than ever. As the sisters make their way to America to live with relatives, they face multiple hardships. They question their decision to leave their homeland and wonder if their hopes and dreams will ever be realized. But through their journey they each discover the real meaning of home.


One Perfect Day
By Lauraine Snelling, FaithWords, softcover, 320 pages, $13.99.

One parent’s loss is another parent’s provision. A mother of twin high school seniors wants her children’s last Christmas at home to be unforgettable. But the unthinkable happens—a child is killed in an accident. Another mother’s daughter needs a new heart. One mom retreats in her grief. And the other mother has to learn to accept a miracle even in the midst of grief and tragedy.

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