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With regard to his column (Somebody Say Amen!, September), D. L. Foster is essentially correct: “If the church can’t depend on its leaders to uphold God’s Word, we are headed for a shipwreck.” He is, however, incorrect regarding several observations.

Sen. Barack Obama never stated that Romans 1 has no bearing on Christian beliefs concerning same-sex relationships. He has clearly stated that marriage is a God-ordained covenant between a male and a female, and he displays his belief through his 16-year marriage to Michelle.

Obama believes all Americans should have equal opportunity and protection under the law. To equate his position with support of homosexuality is being careless with the truth. Contrary to Foster’s statements, I knew about the Metanoia Ministry and support it 100 percent. I didn’t know it was on our Web site. The ministry supports people overcoming what they have determined is a sexual addiction, heterosexual or homosexual. Again, contrary to Foster’s reference, I have never experienced any contentions with the community about this ministry.

Lastly, implying that African-American pastors support Obama because of his ethnicity is both insulting and deceiving. When Obama initially launched his campaign, African-Americans still overwhelmingly supported Sen. Hillary Clinton. Obama’s inspiring and innovative leadership have made the difference, not his ethnicity.

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Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell
Windsor Village United Methodist Church
Houston, Texas

God’s Olympic Ambassadors

I enjoyed your article “Olympic Faith” by Chad Bonham (August), but the author left out one of the great ambassadors for Jesus Christ in the sport of softball, Jennie Finch. She has been a wonderful example of a Christian athlete whose influence has grown well beyond the sport that made her famous.

Clay Jacobsen
Camarillo, California

More on Todd Bentley

Paul Steven Ghiringhelli’s report on the Lakeland Outpouring was excellent (News, August). The seven men mentioned as leaders in the International Coalition of Apostles appear to me to need more scrutiny than Todd Bentley.

In the report, Peter Wagner, declaring to Bentley, said: “I take the apostolic authority that God has given me, and I decree to Todd Bentley: Your power will increase.” Talk about bizarre.

David E. Hansen
Haworth, New Jersey

Fire in My Bones

I just read the August issue of Charisma. I think J. Lee Grady’s Fire in My Bones editorial is outstanding. It covers several points and cuts no corners in making the reader understand the seriousness of the anointing and operation of the Holy Spirit.

Steven Kuhlke
Hillsboro, Oregon

Thank you for standing up and speaking out. I totally agree that we just cannot keep everything that comes along without questioning what spirit it is. Also, we need to stop seeking so many signs and wonders, as Satan can do them too. Seek true repentance, for that is true revival.

Colleen Bailey
via e-mail

God must truly be grieved by what is being passed off as revival today. I too yearn for a genuine move of the Holy Spirit but am truly wounded by what I am hearing and seeing under the umbrella of so-called revival. Thanks for having the spiritual stamina to stand up against the strange fire.

Arthur Karick
Reamstown, Pennsylvania

Of late, I have felt burdened for the church because of the prevalent presence of false prophets, teachers and pastors. They have contributed to the dramatic spiritual decline in the church and the “assured salvation” for many deceived by their fallacies. Yet they continue to get massive support and encouragement. We desperately need a true revival, not one with hype, hysteria, and manufactured enthusiasm and excitement.

Tom Hill
Lansing, Michigan

I read J. Lee Grady’s column and couldn’t agree more. Christians need to stop chasing after an experience and get back to the basics of true repentance, holiness and letting God be God. He doesn’t need our help, just our willingness and cooperation to allow Him to work in our lives. Steadfast reverence for God needs to be our goal for daily living.

name withheld

I most sincerely appreciate Charisma’s wisdom and balance, in particular J. Lee Grady’s last dozen articles, but none more so than the one about Christians and crowbars (Fire in My Bones online, July 31).

Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association, spoke to our congregations, and when he asked us to pray for him and his family—and for his co-worker Sarah Liu (who was imprisoned and brutally tortured for six years)—I found myself secretly wondering if I was even worthy to stand before them. If ever there were heroes of the faith today, these are the gold standard!

Rev. William Mark Bristow
Grace Fellowship and Parker Heights Christian
Odessa, Texas

Thanks so much for keeping the “unity of the body in the bonds of love” (Fire in My Bones online, July 9). I consider myself a “Blue/Gray,” which, if you think about it, is a really nice color. It’s on the same lines as C.J. Mahaney. I know God is moving to reveal His glory, but I also know we must be grounded in sound doctrine. It is too bad that people live in an “either-or” mentality rather than a “both-and” one.

Andrea McWhorter-Waitley
Sterling, Colorado

Bynum-Weeks Divorce Fiasco

I was very disappointed to read that Juanita Bynum said her divorce was “not a sad thing” (News, August). Did she really say that, and in what context? Divorce is sin, and sin is always a sad thing. Those who think otherwise disgrace the cross of Christ. I am embarrassed by the recount of the behavior of both Bynum and Thomas W. Weeks III. Both seem to prove to a watching world that oftentimes leaders of the church adhere to no higher standards than Hollywood starlets.

Tonya Lee
Montgomery, Alabama

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