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The Glory Zone

David Herzog says greatest agent of change is God’s glory.

A prophetic evangelist from Sedona, Ariz., has two main goals in mind for his popular TV program—the salvation and healing of souls.

David Herzog, easygoing 38-year-old host of The Glory Zone (, says people are saved, healed and delivered whenever exposed to the “glory”—what he describes as “the atmosphere and manifest presence of heaven on Earth.”

With his wife and co-host, Stephanie, Herzog treats supernatural matters with a unique matter-of-fact charm. He believes encounters with God’s glory should not be seen as extraordinary and wants everyday Christians to experience living inside that glory. “A lot of believers have the anointing, but they don’t walk in the glory of God,” he says.

Initially launched on GOD TV in Europe in 2005, The Glory Zone began airing in the U.S. as well as 215 nations worldwide after a year of soaring ratings. Herzog says testimonies pour in from across the globe, ranging from disappearing tumors to creative miracles to on-the-spot weight loss.

Both simple and profound, his premise is: “Once you are in the glory zone, anything is possible.”

Spirit-filled at a young age, Herzog says in his teens God gave him an “open vision” of revival coming to the nations and even spilling onto the streets. After he and his wife graduated from the Dallas-based Christ for the Nations Institute in 1992, they spent more than a decade in overseas ministry, which included holding a six-month revival in France in 1998.

Herzog says his ministry took a “quantum leap in the glory realm” after meeting the late revivalist Ruth Heflin in 1999. He began holding crusades across the globe, with witches, atheists, addicts and Satanists repenting, and signs and wonders following.

Herzog says the increased “glory” in his life during this time was “like being born-again all over again” or as if “I had died and gone to heaven.” He locked himself in his room for hours, even days, and produced two books—Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled and Glory Invasion.

“When the glory enters the room it’s like being in heaven,” he says. “God’s glory is coming closer to Earth. This will result in a release of unprecedented miracles which will result in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen.”

The Glory Zone airs on God TV, Daystar, The Miracle Channel in Canada and CNL TV in Russia.
—Suzy A. Richardson

An original program being produced by The Inspiration Network (INSP) will examine current world events in light of Bible prophecy. Premiering on INSP May 31, The Coming Storm is billed as an evangelistic tool to prepare believers to reach the lost in the face of coming worldwide calamities. Filmed in Israel, with the Valley of Armageddon as a backdrop, the special is hosted by David Cerullo and includes perspectives from guests such as John Hagee, Joel Rosenberg, Kay Arthur and Perry Stone.

In front of a large gathering of religious broadcasters in March, President Bush decried reinstating the Fairness Doctrine—an Orwellian-named policy, he said, that would require broadcasters to meet “Washington’s definition of balance.” To applause and laughter Bush pointed out that for advocates of so-called balance “the only opinions that require balancing are the ones they don’t like.” The Fairness Doctrine was repealed in the late 1980s, but aspects of it have been debated among politicians ever since. Bush said that “vital to a healthy democracy” are First Amendment rights such as freedom of speech and religion. “If Congress should ever pass any legislation that stifles your right to express your views,” he said, “I’m going to veto it.”

The United Kingdom’s largest one-day Christian music festival will be broadcast worldwide on GOD TV Saturday, June 7. In its fourth year, Frenzy 2008 is expected to draw thousands of believers and unbelievers alike to the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, for worship performances by Delirious, Chris Tomlin, Leeland, David Crowder Band, Phil Wickham, Rebecca St. James and YFriday.

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