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Lee Grady denounced the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's anti-American comments and questioned how Sen. Barack Obama could sit in Wright's congregation for 20 years (Fire in My Bones online, March 27). Grady's column was the truth and nothing but the truth.

As an African-American pastor I have spoken out against Wright's views. His comments were not inspired by Scripture. They were full of hatred and division. Our country is not perfect, but the country is ours and we must protect it.

It seems as if most African-American brothers and sisters are content to vote for Obama just because he is black. Forget about the issues-they just want a black man in the White House.

Why are so many black ministers supporting Obama? Are they not concerned with his views on abortion and homosexuality? Their support of Obama is sending a confusing message to the body of Christ.

Why should we continue to support killing babies and blessing same-sex unions? Our prayer should be for more wisdom, understanding and discernment that can come only from the Holy Spirit.
Rev. M. C. Campbell
Victory Christian Center of Hollywood
Los Angeles, California

The Buzz About Huckabee

Thanks for the profile of Mike Huckabee (“The Preacher Who Dared to Be President” by Drew Dyck, April). When will Christians realize there are other parties more closely aligned with their beliefs than the Democratic or Republican parties?

The Constitution Party’s views seem to coincide with Huckabee’s positions. He would make an excellent candidate for that. I am not the only Republican who is fed up with the GOP.
Joseph Elster
Rogers, Arizona

I am an evangelical, born-again believer who is on my face for this nation. I did not support Mike Huckabee, and I could not vote for the man no matter what he said during his campaign. Many evangelical believers in Colorado also chose not to support Huckabee. We are not stupid. We are not blinded by “the lowest possible taxes ... to the exclusion of other issues.” We are people who read, pray, ask for the Holy Spirit’s discernment and then make our decisions. Your article was offensive.
Carol Anderson
Colorado Springs, Colorado

How presumptuous of the author, and even more so, those whom he quoted, to think they could speak for those of us who did not vote for Mike Huckabee. My husband and I do not believe his being governor of Arkansas and his stand on moral issues are sufficient qualifications for becoming president.

We need a president who is a seasoned politician. He must make hard decisions and be courageous enough to implement them. I disagree with the Rev. Joel Hunter, who demeaningly asserted that we who did not vote for Huckabee “may have a wallet or a gun” where our hearts are. Our hearts and wallets are still in the right place—and so is our reasoning.
Frances Hesterman
Sand Springs, Oklahoma

I hope you will continue to rally Christians behind Mike Huckabee. Christians made a huge mistake in not doing so during the early days of the campaign. Now look whom we have to choose from.
Judith Makinson
Killen, Alabama

If you spent more time examining Huckabee’s policies and less time gushing over the fact that he is a former pastor, you might understand why so many conservative Christians believed that Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson were better candidates.
Matt Shufeldt
Worthington, Ohio

Obama and Racial strife

Although I was taken aback by J. Lee Grady’s column concerning Barack Obama and his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Fire in My Bones online, March 27), I won’t stop reading what Grady has to say. I understand Wright’s anger, and perhaps he shouldn’t have vocalized it. But based on the audience’s response, he is not the only one who feels that way.

When a person’s heart becomes full, what’s in it will come pouring out. Perhaps that is why Grady could hear only anger and did not understand Wright’s heart.
C.L. Wilson
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I am an African-American female who loves the Lord. I often stand alone among my black family and friends on the positions I take concerning Barack Obama, his political platform and the Rev. Wright’s divisive remarks. He should have never said, “God damn America,” in the pulpit.
Linda White
via e-mail

Americans should be outraged at the hate rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan. But let’s be realistic. Rhetoric alone never bombed a federal building or a black church. Rhetoric alone never hanged and lynched thousands in the Bible Belt while Christians sang hymns.

We can and will make a statement to the world in November: “All men are created equal.” Rejoice, America! Barack Obama is our next president.
Scott Perry
Vero Beach, Florida

I am a 52-year-old black man. I am not voting for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton because of their stand on abortion and gay rights. Anyone who votes for a candidate based on anything other than how the person’s views line up with Scripture will not be voting the way God desires. If the candidate supports issues that are opposed to the Word of God, then I am opposed to that candidate.
Barry O. Johnson
Beavercreek, Ohio

I am a black church leader and I agree with what J. Lee Grady said about Barack Obama. Yes, it is difficult for us as African-Americans because we have to fight twice as hard to make it. Racism is still out there. Nevertheless, truth is truth, and we have to speak out or else the blood is on our hands.
Name withheld

A Cry From Israel

This letter is in response to Stephen Strang’s column about the rise in violence against Christians in Israel (Strang Report online, April 7). I’d like to ask the body of Christ worldwide not only to speak up but also to withhold funding from the state of Israel and nonbelieving causes here.

Texas pastor John Hagee recently pledged $6 million to help Israel. I’d like to see him place conditions on this gift. He should give it only if the state of Israel agrees to do something about the persecution of Christians living here.

I ask that all believers prayerfully consider transferring funds into the hands of the actual believers in Israel.We must pressure government leaders until we find the perpetrators who planted this bomb.
Jennifer Wiseman
Tiberias, Israel

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