Authority in Prayer: Praying With Power and Purpose
By Dutch Sheets, Bethany House,
softcover, 192 pages, $19.99.

In Authority in Prayer: Praying With Power and Purpose, Dutch Sheets writes that the believer, not the devil, is the one with all the spiritual rights. This is a detailed lesson in authority that delivers the truth behind why the devil still operates and why some Christians are still bound by him. One of Sheets' key points reveals the difference between "power"—strength or force—and "authority"—the right to use that power. He offers a much-needed refresher on the power of prayer and the authority the believer has in prayer. Each believer is living at a certain level of authority in prayer, Sheets believes, and he has included seven principles in this power-packed guidebook to help you determine which level you're in. The believer who is hungry for the next level will find that Authority in Prayer is not an easy book to put down.
Jevon Bolden


The Day I Died
By Steve Sjogren, Regal, softcover, 166 pages, $11.99.

This is a fascinating story about the aftermath of a botched gall bladder surgery that changed Vineyard pastor Steve Sjogren's life. It features a wealth of supernatural encounters. Among them: Sjogren's conversation with God while his spirit hovered over an operating table and his vision of four people who gathered around his bed while he lay in a coma. Instinctively he knew each one's name and age and that all had died that week while in intensive care. This vision proved to be accurate. The Day I Died contains the same thread as the best-seller 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper. Just as most of 90 Minutes relates Piper's recovery from injuries, so much of Sjogren's book tells how he coped with the weakness that forced him to step down as senior pastor of the Cincinnati Vineyard. The strongest element of The Day I Died is not its glimpse into eternity; it is Sjogren's candor as he reveals how God used this adversity to reshape him into a better father, husband and pastor.
Ken Walker

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God Is Not Your Problem
By Billy Joe Daugherty, Destiny Image,
softcover, 142 pages, $13.99.

Billy Joe Daugherty makes the case in God Is Not Your Problem that God is always good, even if circumstances say otherwise. He questions facetiously whether some sin committed by the apostle Paul could have landed him and his companion Silas in jail. The account as described in Acts 16:18-30 reveals that the two men were in prison for being directly in the will of God. Today, as Daugherty points out, some believers would think otherwise and say, "Why would God allow that?" So why do seemingly bad things happen to good people? After reading Daugherty's seven-point answer, you will be able to better answer this question for yourself.
J. James Estrada

23 Minutes in Hell
By Bill Wiese, Charisma House, softcover,
192 pages, $12.99.

Bill Wiese, a layman who makes his living in real estate, reports in 23 Minutes in Hell that—even though he was a Christian—one night in 1998 he was catapulted out of bed into hell for 23 minutes. Telling his gruesome story in the first six chapters, Wiese describes being mauled by fiendish creatures, hearing relentless screaming and experiencing true hopelessness. He writes that Jesus told him he was to return to Earth to affirm that hell exists and to assure unbelievers that it is not God's desire for them to suffer for eternity. In the book's last four chapters, Wiese answers questions about hell such as, "Is hell a literal burning place?" and "Are children in hell?" Interspersed throughout are historical and contemporary quotes on the subject of hell. However, affirming the Bible as his ultimate authority, Wiese uses Scripture verses liberally to support his testimony and includes a Scripture index.
Christine D. Johnson

Life Beneath the Surface
By Mike Pilavachi, Regal, softcover,
192 pages, $12.99.

Faith is the basis of a life built on trust, Mike Pilavachi states in Life Beneath the Surface: Thoughts on a Deeper Spiritual Life. Pilavachi expounds on the basics of kingdom living such as friendship with God, effective worship and fulfilling prayer while underscoring that each is inert without resolute faith. Faith, he writes, is the key to moving forward, to taking what we develop from these intimate kingdom basics and expressing it within community—among believers as well as unbelievers. He teaches that small victories may have a great effect on the faith of other believers, describing, for example, a moment when a woman who was healed of arthritis clapped her hands in worship, causing the entire church to celebrate her triumph.
J. James Estrada

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce
By John Trent, Ph.D. with Larry K. Weeden;
Tyndale House; hardcover; 208 pages; $19.99.

Speaking from the compassion born out of personal experience, author and counselor John Trent asserts that adult children of divorced parents can experience healthy, lifelong marriages. Despite the fact that his mother was divorced twice and his father three times, Trent—married to Cindy for 27 years—is living proof that an adult child of divorce (ACOD) can be successful in marriage. Trent does not deny that an ACOD is potentially more likely to get divorced than spouses whose parents stayed married, but he proves by example that divorce in the family of origin does not have to be a curse that is perpetuated through generations to come. Breaking the Cycle of Divorce: How Your Marriage Can Succeed Even If Your Parents' Didn't provides practical insights and applications for the ACOD. Most of all, Trent offers encouragement from someone who's been there and succeeded in reversing the curse of divorce.
Christine D. Johnson


Victory Live!
By Tye Tribbett & G.A., Integrity Gospel.

Since debuting with the album Life, Tye Tribbett & G.A. (Greater Anointing) have emerged as one of gospel music's brightest and most exciting artists. Victory Live! builds on the momentum that has garnered the group's mass recognition. The latest release opens with the explosive anthem "I Want It All Back." Gospel vocalist Kim Burrell is featured on "Everything Will Be All Right." Victory Live also includes the emotive "No Other Choice," written in memory of Greater Anointing member Kenneth Riddle, who died in a car accident last summer, and revisits classics "Victory" and "Everything/Bow Before the King." Victory Live! continues the group's tradition of offering creative and exciting music.
Twanna Powell

Jesus Is
By Hillsong London, Integrity Music.

Energetic, fresh and youthful, Jesus Is promotes God-centered living. Its Euro-inspired, "no more church as usual" sound gives youth today a reason to be proud of "Christian music." Passionate "victory chants" placed strategically among songs such as "Let the Whole World" help to push a resolve for allowing a spiritual revolution to start in the heart of the listener. Young and old alike will be edified and encouraged by this CD. The lyrics and the driving bass and guitar lines seem meant to empower the listener to stand boldly for Christ. The slower melodies such as the title track and "How Great Is Our God" help us understand more deeply our humanity in comparison with a big God who is ruler of all things.
Jevon Bolden

Israel My Beloved
By Karen Davis, Galilee of the Nations.

Karen Davis' new CD of Messianic praise and worship, Israel My Beloved, is very moving music, not just for the Messianic Jew but also for the Christian who longs to reach a deeper place in worship with God. Flowing prophetic vocals sung in English and Hebrew convey purity and dedication to Jehovah. The music is much like what a score of the Psalms or Song of Solomon might be in that it gives a romantic, intimate depiction of God's love for His bride, the church. Prayerful lyrics such as "Let the river flow," "Saturate my soul," "Lover of my soul" and "Arise from the dead / lift up your eyes to the light / your Messiah has come," help to woo listeners into the intimacy of worship and praise.
Jevon Bolden

B Collision
By David Crowder Band, Sparrow Records.

To capture the inspiration and meaning of their recent album A Collision, David Crowder Band launched an intimate acoustic version, B Collision: The Eschatology of Bluegrass. Songwriter David Crowder constructed instrumental adjustments to "A Beautiful Collision," "Wholly Yours," "Be Lifted" and "I Saw the Light," all from the studio version of A Collision. This new approach incorporates acoustic instruments and variations on the music. "A Beautiful Collision," the opening cut, begins the CD with banjo and piano. "Wholly Yours" continues the acoustic style with guitar and fiddles. "Be Lifted" starts with the same musical variations as "The Lark Ascending" from A Collision. "I Saw the Light," performed live by Crowder with guests Robbie Seay Band and Shane & Shane, adds the bluegrass flavor with banjos and fiddles.
Nikeya Williams


Real Life

A Fall Together
By Jennifer O'Neill, Broadman & Holman,
Softcover, 320 pages, $14.99.

Seven women find camaraderie with one another despite their varied ages and backgrounds. When everything seems to start falling apart, they turn to one another—praying through breast cancer, problems with an ex-husband, struggles with teenagers and more.


The Cubicle Next Door
By Siri L. Mitchell, Harvest House
Publishers, softcover, 300 pages, $12.99.

Jackie Harrison has to share her office with Joe Gallagher. She starts an online blog to vent and eventually confess her feelings about the new guy. It seems the cubicle wall represents her reservations about love. Will Jackie let go or will she continue to live in the confines of her fear?


The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Caught
By Neta Jackson, Integrity Publishers,
Softcover, 400 pages, $13.99.

Members of the Yada Yada Prayer Group confront their beliefs about God and life as a couple in their 50s face having another child, a friend adjusts to winning the lottery and another woman realizes that the life she wants might not be what God has planned. Readers will identify with these friends as they deal with life issues.

New on DVD

The Waltons
Warner Home Video

The third season of The Waltons is now available in a five-disc set. Experience life with John and Olivia, their seven children, and John's parents. Living through the Great Depression, the Waltons knew that even though they didn't have much, they had one another. The family values, love and lessons made this series a TV classic.

Larryboy and the Bad Apple,br> Big Idea Inc.

The Bad Apple has come to Bumblyburg and has a way of making people lose control and want to do things they shouldn't. Everyone is influenced by Bad Apple—even Larryboy! Who can help the folks of Bumblyburg learn not to give in to temptation? Bonus features include a Web maze, a commentary, an interactive storybook and much more.

The Pistol
Campbell/Stone Media Inc. $9.95

Watch Pete Maravich's early efforts to become the best basketball player ever. After retiring, "Pistol" Pete's passion became Christ. This Inspirational Edition features interviews, including one with Dr. James Dobson; Maravich's personal testimony; basketball records; discussion questions and more. The DVD is available for a special price at

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