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Taking Kiev by Surprise

The largest church in Europe today is pastored by a young Nigerian--a man of faith who won't let racism or harassment stop him from changing a nation.

Journey of a Transvestite

Santiago Álamo worked in a brothel and tried to find happiness as a woman. But he discovered the love of Jesus at Remar, one of Spain's most dynamic outreach ministries.

Doomsday Distraction

Many Christians spend all their energy watching the clouds for Jesus' return-- yet Jesus told us to keep our focus on the Great Commission

A Miracle for Ryan

Two years ago a tragic accident put entertainer Pat Boone's grandson in a coma. Today Ryan says confidently that he will be entirely healed.

Out of Black Islam

When Marie Muhammad-Vaughn rejected Islam, her life took a turn for the worse. Yet today, the great-grandaughter of the founder of the Nation of Islam says she has no regrets.

It's Time for Marketplace Ministry

For years, Christians involved in business thought their only usefulness was at church. Leaders now say most ministry will soon be happening on the job.

Escape From the Suburbs

Once a successful businessman, David VanCronkhite left his job and started one of Atlanta's most vibrant inner-city missions.

Laughing For The Lord

Tired of being so serious? Christian comedians are helping God's people loosen up, enjoy a good joke and spread the joy.

Defender Of the Faith

Whether he's fighting for the rights of Pentecostal teenagers, pro-life advocates or Christian college students, attorney David French says the law is on his side.

You Must Face Your Goliath

Usually our first response to adversity is to run from it. We need to run toward it instead.

God Is Our Refuge

Sudan's civil war has forced 5 million people to flee their homes. Many of them are helpless children. Thousands of Sudanese orphans have come to the United States in the last two years. Many of them are Christians who were horribly persecuted by Muslims.

Someone is Stealing the Children

Hundreds of kids are abducted in the United States each year. Today, Christians are starting unique ministries that comfort distraught parents and help find missing children.

Our Love Is Loud

A growing number of Christian teens and 20-somethings are attending late-night dance parties--to worship the Lord and introduce their friends to Jesus.

Inside the Dungeon of Atheism

In North Korea, brave Christians are willing to give their lives to share Christ with just one person.

Removing the Island Idols

In the Dominican Republic, where occult practices have been mixed with Christianity for centuries, the Holy Spirit is cleansing His church.

Inside Buddha's Jade Fortress

In Thailand, where people visit temples to appease thousands of gods, pentecostals are aggressively winning converts.

Miracles in the Hindu Kingdom

In Nepal, the world's only official Hindu state, Christians are breaking strict religious laws to win converts.

The Forgotten Jews of France

Europe was cruel to Jews, but many of them today are finding God's love through the ministry of Messianic Jewish believers.

Invading The Darkness

The Holy Spirit is moving today in unprecedented ways, even in countries where the gospel is not welcome.
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