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The Sound of Irish Fire

There's more to Moya Brennan's mystical Celtic music than her Irish heritage. She's a vibrant Christian with a heart for worship.

It's Not Too Late to Save Your Marriage

In a new book they co-authored, pastor John Hagee and his wife, Diana, deal boldly and honestly with issues that are destroying families today

California Fire

Heaven has invaded earth in Redding, California, where a sense of revival has been stirring Bethel Assembly for 10 years.

What's WRONG With Gay Marriage

Same-sex marriage is not just wrong on religious grounds -- it is bad policy for any society. Here's why...

P*L*A*N*T*E*D in God's House

The Bible says the only way we will flourish is by being planted. If you aren't committed to a local church, you will miss many benefits promised in God's Word.

Light In My Darkness

Musician Tammy Trent lost her husband three years ago in an accident. But the power of praise pulled her out of despair.

The Miracle of the Dalits

Something profound is occurring in north India, where the Holy Spirit is moving among the 'untouchables.'

Love That Conquers Fear

Sri Lankan Christians face mounting opposition from the Buddhist majority, but their peaceful response to adversity is drawing others to the faith.

In the Land of the Savior

El Salvador, a nation devastated by war only a decade ago, is now a land of faith and spiritual renewal.

God's Greatest Christmas Present

In a season when our focus is on giving and receiving gifts, we must remember the most precious gift of all.

In War's Aftermath

Five years ago the U.S. invaded Kosovo to bring freedom. Today churches there are growing--but Christians who are sharing Christ with the nation's Muslim majority face a challenge.

Do You Have A Thorn in the FLESH?

Even the apostle Paul struggled with the pull of his sin nature. You can allow weaknesses to cripple you, or you can discover the secret of overcoming.

You Can Live On Purpose

Now that you've read The Purpose-Driven Life, where do you go from here? God wants to show you why He made you.

Be Still and Know

Contemplative prayer often has been relegated to ancient church history. But God is restoring it as a means to develop intimacy with Him.

Faith in Uniform

Law enforcement is a dangerous profession. That's why Christian cops take their faith seriously.

The Best Place for an Oil Change

With auto mechanics on staff--and its own funeral home--Cedar Park Church in Seattle is redefining how a church can reach a community.

A greasy mechanic bends over the side of a car to replace an oil filter. A well-dressed psychologist reaches across her desk to console a grieving mother. A busy store clerk bags a blue shirt and pants and wishes the customer a good day.

These are snapshots of the changing faces of Cedar Park Church, where the definition of "church" has moved way beyond cushioned pews and Sunday school.

Faith Under Fire

President Bush talks with Charisma publisher Stephen Strang and other journalists about the war, the election and his prayer life.

Move Beyond YOUR Failure

Many Christians allow shame to immobilize them. Yet Jesus can remove the reproach of the past.
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