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If you’re reading this article after May 21, 2011, I can say authoritatively that radio Bible teacher Harold Camping got it wrong. The world didn’t end as he predicted. (I hope you filed your income tax return by April 15!)

Camping caused a stir earlier in the year when he announced that Jesus would return and rapture His church on said date in May—based on his calculations of lunar cycles and the Hebrew calendar. I don’t know if his guess had anything to do with the Japan earthquake, the supermoon of March 19, the bombing of Libya or the fact that we are now paying $3.50 a gallon for gas.

I do know that Camping has joined a growing group of people who insist on setting dates for the Lord’s return—even though the Bible says clearly that this kind of prophetic meddling is off-limits.

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Do You Know the Value of a Prayer Partner?Do You Know the Value of a Prayer Partner?

If the prayer of one righteous person avails much, think what the prayers of two righteous people will accomplish. Do you see the value in a prayer partner? Go to to learn more about the importance of praying with another person.







How should you Pray for a Wayward Child?How should you Pray for a Wayward Child?

Not in our worst dreams would we imagine our children turning their backs on God as adults. But despite our efforts, many of our kids make decisions that lead them away from what they’ve been taught. Find tips on praying for your wayward child at


What does prayer have  to do with Power?

You can live a life of extraordinary, supernatural power! The secret is actually simple. Visit to find out how intimacy with God affects the way His power flows through you.


Are You Prepared  for Prayer?

Without proper preparation a lawyer would make a fool of himself before the judge, his client, his adversary and the entire courtroom. Likewise, when we intercede in prayer, we plead our case before the eternal judge of the universe—and every case we present calls for genuine preparation. Visit to find out how to effectively prepare for prayer.


 Does God Answer All our Prayers?

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Regarding Marcus Yoars’ March column, what might be even more enlightening from you is a discerning article about what is really going on at these Christian discernment ministries. You mention the goal is to “develop enough discernment to find the pearls” in today’s media world. The fact is, in my own life I used to be willing to compromise with a certain level of wickedness for the sake of entertainment. As long as it wasn’t “too bad” it would justify the pearls that would satisfy my fleshly desire for entertainment. Many Christians don’t want to deny their fleshly desires for “entertainment” and even believe that they must tune in to pop culture to minister to today’s society. 

Bernis Ingvaldson, via email



Thank you for your ministry. I subscribe to your Charisma News app for the iPhone, and I am glad I do! I serve the Lord at an associate school of Christ for the Nations International, Japan Bible School. In your recent news you have had quite a few stories about Japan, and they have been very encouraging to us here. I have been forwarding some of them to my list of friends who pray for Japan, including some Japanese people who understand English. 

Gerald Goodall, Hokkaido, Japan

Rise of the Praying Church

Rise of the Praying Church

God is stirring a massive yet underground movement of prayer among His people. But what does it mean? jerusalem 24/7 prayer leader tom hess offers his take.



Rising above Jerusalem along the city’s eastern side is a rolling ridge of three peaks called the Mount of Olives. Its simple name, bestowed in ancient times, doesn’t call to mind the breadth of God’s history this site has hosted. Yet on its summit the very “glory of the Lord” once stood when Ezekiel prophesied the regathering of God’s exiled people to Himself (see Ezek. 11:20-25). Thousands of years later, the glory of the Lord—God’s Son—stood on the mountain again and set into motion God’s plan to gather the nations to Himself.

From this mountain, Jesus prayed the Lord’s Prayer, the beginning of which was fulfilled on Pentecost, and the end of which will be fulfilled with His coming again to Jerusalem to reign over all nations. Also from this mountain, before He ascended to heaven, Jesus commanded His disciples to take His salvation to the world and to wait in Jerusalem until they had been filled with His power for the task:

Galilee: Walking in His Footsteps

Special Travel Section: The Holy Land

Galilee: Walking in His Footsteps

When retracing the primary region of Jesus’ ministry, don’t skip these sites

Israel’s Galilee region is often a Holy Land pilgrim’s favorite, especially for those who want to walk where Jesus lived and taught. This is where the bulk of Christ’s ministry occurred, where He gathered most of His followers and where He performed more than 20 miracles. 

The absence of modern development makes it easy to visualize first-century life. Solitude and meditation come easily, especially if you read Gospel accounts as you enjoy the mountain and water views around the Sea of Galilee, an inland lake known as Kinneret in Hebrew.Tiberias on the western shore is lodging central with modern hotels and restaurants near the water. And after visiting the following sites, don’t forget the most popular edible is tilapia, known as St. Peter’s fish—a great meal finale to a contemplative lake float.

The Art of Suffering Well

The Art of Suffering Well

Jesus promised we would suffer for His name, yet how many of us know how to rise above our struggles? While he and his wife battled cancer, Billy Hornsby offered this profound message on how to face life’s biggest trials—including death.

Editor’s Note: In light of Billy Hornsby’s death (see “Transitions”), we wanted to pay tribute to this remarkable church planter by sharing one of his last public messages, which he delivered in December to his home church in Birmingham, Ala. At the time, the cancer in Billy was progressing rapidly and, though he believed God for healing, he was upfront about the possibility of dying. Given this context, Billy’s powerful words—and how he lived his last moments on earth—take on new meaning and prove that God can provide grace, strength and victory in any situation, no matter how bleak the outcome.


Have you ever started a year thinking, This is going to be a great year—in fact, I’m going to have the best year of my life? At first, everything seems to be going great and life is good. But then tragedy strikes. Maybe your business goes south, or maybe you get a dreaded disease. It rocks your world because you have such great expectations for the future, but suddenly you find yourself in despair over a tragedy that’s affected your life.

Breaking Family Ties

Breaking Family Ties

How your prayers can Destroy generational Strongholds


We all know we can inherit our mother’s eyes, our father’s nose, or the color of our grandmother’s hair. But did you know that we can pick up character qualities from our parents, such as a bad temper, a propensity for lying, depression, self-pity, envy, unforgiveness, perfectionism and pride? These and other characteristics that have a spiritual root can be passed along from our parents to us, and from us to our children. In a particular family there may be a tendency toward such things as divorce, infidelity, alcoholism, addiction, suicides or depression all mistakenly accepted as “the way I am.”

The Bible talks about the influence our parents can have on us. It says God will visit “the iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me” (Ex. 20:5). This Scripture is referring to people who don’t walk in a loving relationship with God. However, a parent who is a believer and loves God can still choose to sin. And his sin will profoundly affect his children.

Brother John

Brother John

Since starting a small storefront church in inner-city Chicago, John Eckhardt has guided hundreds of churches around the world, launched dozens of ministry schools and sold more than half a million books. Yet none of that has changed how he prays.


There’s a war raging, and John Eckhardt won’t relent. Fighting in the trenches for decades now, the firebrand fivefold minister has charted his own unique crusade against a known enemy, drawing enlistees from American inner cities and suburbs and as far away as Africa, Asia and parts of Europe. But don’t go looking for shields, guns or grenades at his south Chicago church­—befittingly named Crusaders Church. You won’t find them. 

This battle is not against flesh and blood. The enemy, Satan, won’t go down with mere ammunition but with authoritative, Word-filled prayers that change lost lives and rattle the religious.

How To Pray God’s Way

Think prayer is a grueling task that God imposed upon us? Think again—and find out how to pray His will with joy.

On Mount Sinai, Moses was instructed to build the tabernacle “according to the pattern” he received from God (Ex. 25:9; Acts 7:44; Heb. 8:5). It is the pattern of heaven and promise of Scripture that God’s power will be released, His mercy will be shown and His kingdom will come in response to the saints’ prayers (Ex. 32:11-14; 2 Chr. 7:14; Luke 11:9-13; Rev. 8:3-6). Yet when it comes to actually engaging in prayer, many of us struggle to know how to approach God, what to say when we do and how to develop a strong prayer life.

If prayer is the foundation of the church (Acts 2:42), the name by which God calls His people (Is. 56:7) and the means by which God promises to release His power through the church, right every wrong, release judgment and split the sky at the return of His Son (Luke 24:49; Rev. 6:9-11, 8:3-6; Luke 18; Rev. 6:14), then we should join the apostles in asking, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1)

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