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A Call to Rise Up

"Be who God created you to be and set your world on fire."
Sharon Daugherty

Charisma Online August 2012

God’s Impossible Victory

Sharon Daugherty has seen God do the impossible in her years leading Victory Christian Center (p. 30). Go to and watch her share God’s miraculous provision for this outreach-oriented church.

 CMOnline-TrackAdventure Overland-Missions

Track The Adventure ... In Real-Time

What if you could virtually follow an evangelist on a monthlong adventure to a remote village and watch in real-time as he ministers the gospel to people who have never heard the message of Christ? Thanks to a cutting-edge online tracking system, you can track Phil Smethurst’s risky mission to Angola (p. 46) all month at

 CMOnline-HolySpirit Istockphoto-MicroWorks

The Holy Spirit In You

Visit to watch respected Southern Baptist pastor Charles Stanley (p. 36) explain the significance of the Holy Spirit living inside each of us.

 CMOnline-JustReligious CFAN

That’s just Religious!

Check out evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s teaching (p. 52) at on how to avoid “religious” experiences devoid of the Holy Spirit.


Charisma Online March 2011

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The Great facebook Debate

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Charisma Here’s a question we often wrestle with in the office: Should we report on “problems” affecting the body of Christ (e.g., divorce, financial misappropriations, etc.)? Our Charisma Facebook friends gave us their thoughts. Do you agree with their comments? Do you have something to add? Join us at

D.F.  Absolutely. The Bible does not conceal the sins of God’s people. They are listed, some in stunning detail, for all to see. Not saying anything gives a false impression that all is well; and it is not. We are sick and need healing. A problem needs to be identified and diagnosed before healing can begin.

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S.Q. True believers live in transparency and allow others to grow from it. We need accountability. God will lead you to what is building up and what would be tearing down. Great example: the January issue cover story. Wow, what a great story of overcoming!
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D.B. You should leave the exposing to God. Christians may not admit it, but they like gossip just as much as sinners. If something that isn’t kosher happens in your family, would you sell the story to the media so the whole world can judge your loved ones? No, so why do it to our church family?

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A.P. I’d like to read it from a Christian source first in order to be prepared, rather than from the [secular] news media. From a Christian magazine, it’s handled with sympathy for that person caught in a trial. We can’t point a finger, as we all have sinned. It’s a hard question and I would imagine either way will bring criticism. 
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N.M. Yes, just start and end with hope, grace, love—not elder-brother judgments. We need honesty, but in the context of love.
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