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March 2014: The Church at the Crossroads

Cover Story

The Church at the Crossroads - The 8 biggest issues facing the American church today ... and how we must respond.

Featured Articles

  • Liberation or License: The Problem of Grace
  • The Great Gay Deception
  • Modern Family?
  • How to End the Greatest Massacre in History
  • God's Not Scared of New Atheism
  • God's Plan for True Social Justice
  • Christian: It's More Than Just a Label
  • The Problem With Being Relevant

February 2014: The Spirit of Adoption

Cover Story

The Spirit of Adoption - How Spirit-led churches are taking action to alleviate our nation's orphan crisis.

Featured Articles

  • Marriage Tune-up
  • No More Gifts?
  • San Fran's Saving Prayer
  • Single Purpose

January 2014: Prayer & Fasting

Cover Story

Prayer & Fasting - How to move heaven and earth with a fasted lifestyle of RADICAL prayer

Featured Articles

  • Rewards for Fasting?
  • Audacious Prayers
  • 10 Tips For a Healthy Fast
  • Truth about Yoga

December 2013: Emmanuel: When God Is With Us

Cover Story

Emmanuel: When God Is With Us - Supernatural Stories of Jesus' Presence, Protection and Provision

Featured Articles

  • Keeping Christ in Christmas
  • How God Defines Success
  • Peru's Revival

November 2013: Feeding Children Everywhere

Cover Story

Feeding Children Everywhere - How a young ministry is using marketplace innovation to fight global hunger.

Featured Articles

  • 7 Signs of Spiritual Attack
  • Used By God
  • Baby Drop Box
  • Life-Saving Gifts

October 2013: Israel In Target

Cover Story

Israel In Target - With anti-semitism surging globally, Jack Hayford explains why Israel needs the Church now more than ever.

Featured Articles

  • Supernatural Holocaust Art
  • Top 7 Reasons to Visit the Holy Land
  • Exclusive Report: Where Your Israel Donation REALLY Goes

September 2013: Saving America

  • Don’t believe America’s in crisis? Tell that to evangelistic giants Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonnke, who, along with other evangelists, are focusing on America’s spiritual salvation like never before.
  • How Christians’ response to Muslims is creating a major crisis inside and outside the church
  • As His free gift to us, grace gives us access to God’s power for everything we need in life. But amid the current-day distortions surrounding grace, it’s crucial we get a true revelation of this undeserved favor of God.
  • Luis Reyes remembers running the streets at night for fear of losing his life if he returned home. Yet today God is using his journey to create a safe place for thousands of children, giving them a hope they never knew could be theirs.
  • The Old Testament’s accounts of idolatry aren’t so old in light of the idols Americans worship today. Is there hope for tearing these down and avoiding God’s judgment?

August 2013: Assemblies of God 2.0 | Eye Covenant

  • How Assemblies of God General Superintendent George O. Wood is retooling the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination for a new generation
  • Pastor and author Mark Batterson asks: Are you “all in” for God?
  • Convoy of Hope co-founder Dave Donaldson unveils the secret to sharing
  • Why Karen Jensen didn’t blame God after her husband suddenly died in his sleep
  • Bob Sorge explains how to walk in victory over sexual temptation ... through a covenant with your eyes

July 2013: The Worship Issue

July’s special worship-themed issue features 13 of the most well-known worship leaders offering their insight on 13 different aspects of worship, including:

  • Darlene Zschech on how the Holy Spirit uses our praise to elevate us above life’s storms
  • Misty Edwards on why singing simple prayers can change history
  • Israel Houghton on the power of being excellent before God
  • Kari Jobe on the greatest words Jesus longs to hear
  • Brazilian worship leader Ana Paula on how prophetic songs are shaping her nation
  • Former Delirious? frontman Martin Smith on what global revival sounds like
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JUNE 2013: Revival in Egypt

  • Exclusive report on how God is moving behind the scenes in Egypt—despite increasing persecution, a radical Islamic government and economic hardship
  • Rachel Burchfield uncovers the secret to experiencing supernatural abundance
  • Mike Shreve explains how to stand on the promises of God for your children
  • Hobby Lobby CEO David Green on his company’s fight for religious freedom
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MAY 2013: Understanding the Holy Spirit

Why is the Spirit represented with a dove? The answer could unlock one of the deep mysteries of our Divine Helper. Perry Stone reveals the wonder of who the Holy Spirit is and why we need Him.

PLUS: T.D. Jakes discusses how God is giving His people an extraordinary opportunity to multiply

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APRIL 2013: The Spiritual Avalanche That Could Kill Millions

Evangelist Steve Hill shares a sobering prophetic warning of the impending spiritual avalanche that could kill millions in the church

PLUS: How to weigh a personal prophecy, no matter who delivers it

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