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January 2018: A Prophetic Legacy in the Making


A Prophetic Legacy in the Making

How God turned a door-to-door salesman into a prophetic statesman for His glory.


What's Ahead for 2018?

Spirit-filled prophets speak to how God is moving in the year 2018.

The Joy of Generosity

Unfettered giving brings genuine delight to the Spirit-led Christian.

Fit for the Kingdom

Discover why good health is critical for the believer who is led by the Spirit.

Prayers Return Prayer to Schools

Former Florida Rep. Kim Daniels helps bring prayer back to school.

Set Free in the Spirit

Activate your salvation benefits and be delivered from the hands of the enemy.


Ferguson pastor promotes unity in divisive era.

Robert Jeffress "explodes" misconceptions about heaven.

Evengelist Reinhard Bonnke imparts Hole Spirit truths.


This month's resources:

Chonda Pierce's Enough

Sara Groves' Abide With Me

Daniel Rice's #Gospel

...and much more


Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead's Holy Roar

Sony Pictures' 6 Below

December 2017: Mary's Angelic Encounter


Mary's Angelic Encounter

Like Mary, the mother of Jesus, more believers are reporting supernatural encounters with ministering spirits. Have you met one without realizing it?


Follow the Bethlehem Star

Filmmaker Rick Larson examines the scientific evidence of the star that led the wise men to the baby Jesus.

Make Jesus Known

Share the message of Christ's love and experience the gospel afresh this Christmas season.

Keep Christ in Christmas

Learn how families can ensure the Christmas Grinch doesn't steal their focus-or their faith-despite the enemy's tactics.

Weather the Storm

Believers rush to the frontlines, providing much needed disaster relief to hurricane victims.

A Glimpse of God's Glory

Embrace the unusual as the Holy Spirit manifests in strange, bizarre and even embarrassing ways.


Prophetic Words Save a Pastor's Kid After a Near-Fatal Drug Overdose.

Avoid a Sick Heart After Your Dreams Die.

Five-Word Prayers Can Spark Deeper Dialog with God.

Revelation from Genesis Brings Order to Chaotic Lives.


This month's resources:

Stephen E. Strang's, God and Donald Trump

James W. Goll's, The Discerner

Jeremy Camp's, The Answer

...and much more


Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke's, Love That Lasts

Matthew West's All In

November 2017: A Miracle Museum 2,000 Years in the Making


A Miracle Museum 2,000 Years in the Making

Could this museum wake a sleeping generation to the living Word of God?


Charismatic Prophets and Trump

Is it possible President Donald Trump's election was an answer to prayer?

God Plays the Trump Card

The unlikely election of President Donald J. Trump had all the marking of a prophetic showdown. Was the supernatural involved in this victory?

Sitting Face to Face With God

If you are willing to pursue this revelation, divine encounters await.

Could Giving Thanks Hold the Key to Your Miracle?

Elijah taught us a valuable lesson with his prophetic perspective on supernatural manifestations against all odds.


How to Be Selfless in a Selfie World

How 'Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames' Was Modernized for the Next Generation

Grieving Mother Helps Women Transition From Ashes to Beauty

In Unchurched Era, Does Sunday Morning Need a Makeover?


This month's resources:

Matt Maher's Echoes,

Mark Batterson's, Whisper

John Bevere's, Killing Kryptonite

...and much more


Matt Redman's Glory Song

October 2017: Do We Need Another Reformation?


Restoring the Gospel of God

Five centuries after Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, many have rejected the true gospel.


Rise Up

In response to a raging and perverse feminist movement, Esthers and Deborahs are gathering in prayer to take back the nation.

Shifting Spiritual Atmospheres

We can push back darkness over our lives and cities when we learn to discern and displace the enemy's lies.

God's World War III

The third church Reformation is upon us, but it demands a new kind of spiritual warfare.

The Radicals

With the Millennial generation's passion, we could experience a spiritual awakening unlike anything we've known in 500 years.


Pastor Urges Church to 'Drop the Stones' in Judgment Era

Faith-Based Films Prove Popular in Middle East

Missionary Brings High-Tech Lab to Kenya Slum


This month's resources:

Abba - Uncomfortable - Farewell Fear - In Step With the Spirit


Jesus Culture's Love Has a Name 

Third Day's Revival

September 2017: The Paradigm


The Paradigm

Is there a Master Blueprint that lies behind the events of our times? The Paradigm will reveal it.


Will All Isreal Be Saved?

Discover what the apostle Paul really meant when he wrote Romans 11:26 under the Holy Spirit's inspiration.

Isreal Bible Prophecies Unfold Before Our Eyes

Holy Land watchers and prophecy experts offer scriptual insights into what's happening in the Middle East.

Has God Forgotten Isreal?

Paul the apostle was willing to give up his own salvation to see Isreal redeemed. Where does Isreal stand with God today?

Rebuilding the Altar

Consider what we can learn from the prophet Elisha's ministry in a world burning with sin.

7 Ways to Cultivate Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

When we discern His heart, we can hear His voice more clearly and follow His leading more accurately.

Can You Discern These Spirits?

The Bible warns us over and over not to be deceived by false gospels and false spirits.


Pastor explains why you should eat with sinners

Former atheist sets out to convince moviegoers Jesus is alive

Famed hymn writer challenges Christians to sing as spiritual discipline


This month's resources:

The Prophet's Manual - Introverts in the Church - In Over My Head - Faith - Wildfires - Whole - Every Piece of Me - Hills and Valleys


Michael Williams' Hidden Prophets of the Bible

Glory of Zion's Our Song Will Rise

August 2017: Where is YWAM Now?


Where is YWAM Now?

Loren Cunningham looks at the past work of YWAM and its' future path. He also speaks of his stand on the Second Coming and revival in America.


  • Filled With Laughter
    Learn of the approach Christian stand-up comedians are taking to address a dark world, the power of laughter and why clean comedy is becoming big business.
  • Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
    Experts and authorities in the church speak about both sides of this debate as they discuss the potential dangers of prevalent alcohol use in the church.
  • The Fourth Great Wave of the Holy Spirit is Underway
    Larry Sparks offers an overview with evidence that will encourage you to keep praying.
  • Getting Past Your Identity Crisis
    Seven key truths of life are uncovered from the "I Am" statements of Jesus.


  • How one pastor birthed a cross-cultural movement in his church
  • Cancer survivor encounters God in the wilderness
  • Meet a modern-day Joseph of Arimathea


  • This month's resources:Victor - Praying for Girls - The Heist - Planting the Heavens - The Sacrament of Happy - Lift - Can I Just Hide in Bed 'til Jesus Comes Back? - The River
  • Reviews: Steve Greene's Love Leads - Landry Cantrell's Projections

July 2017: Underground Intercessors


Underground Intercessors

Intercessors have caught a second wind and are contending harder for revival than ever.


  • Trail of Fire
    Daniel Norris and his family sold everything to travel the U.S. in a mobile home and re-dig America's old wells of revival.
  • Will The Real Church Please Stand Up?
    With a war of two worldviews raging in America, here's how believers can take our nation back.
  • Love Leads
    Whether you are guiding a family, a church or a business, there's one eternal perspective that will make you a successful leader.
  • Can Demons Possess Christians?
    You are a spirit who has a soul that lives in a body. God lives on the inside of you, but can demons dwell in your soul?


  • How your job could be a parable for the kingdom
  • Study: Only one in 10 people has biblical worldview
  • CBN exec rolls up sleeves to battle sex trafficking


  • When Parenting Isn't Perfect - Love Leads - Truth - Out of the Dark - Play the Man - I Am - The Essential Guide to Prayer
  • Reviews: Kim Walker-Smith's On My Side - Matty Mullins' Unstoppable

June 2017: Reviving A Generation


Reviving A Generation

Karen Wheaton had a prophetic unction and birthed an international youth ministry that is setting Millennials on fire.


  • The Roots of Awakening
    God is moving on Native American reservations. Could First Nations people hold the key to the next great move of God?
  • Millennial Awakening
    Prophets are proclaiming a spiritual awakening among the next generation. How close are we to the tipping point?
  • Out of the Mouths of Babes
    Cutting-edge ministries are equipping small children to prophesy, lay hands on the sick and otherwise.
  • Lies You Hear in the Wilderness
    Even at your weakest, you can still fight the devil's accusations against your mind—and against God.



  • Three ways to live with a healthy curiosity in Christ
  • Trail Life USA offers family-friendly alternative to controversial Boy Scouts program
  • Jesus Film Project reaches amazing evangelistic milestone


  • This month's resources: The God-Shaped Brain; Rebuilding the Altar; Lucky's Treasure; What Happens After You Die and more...
  • Reviews: Finding the Lost Art of Empathy and The Resurrection of Gavin Stone


May 2017: Todd White's Lifestyle Christianity


Todd White's Lifestyle Christianity

After a radical salvation encounter, power evangelist Todd White is equipping the body of Christ to fl ow in the love and power of God that heals.


  • Once Saved, Always Saved
    With the hyper-grace movement rising, it's time to look at what Scripture really says.
  • Trusting God When Things Go Terribly Wrong
    Lacey Buchanan decided to cling to God in the face of overwhelming pain and adversity. Let her story inspire you.
  • Activating The Power Of God's Word In Your Life
    Unlock the full power of the Word to transform your life and tear down spiritual strongholds.



  • Steven Curtis Chapman stands between heaven and the real world
  • Christian rock group tackles needs in a witchcraft-hit nation
  • The profound prophecy that delivered popular blogger from crippling fear


  • This month's resources: Hello My Name Is; Worthy of Your Name; Talking With God; Break Loose; Here I Am/Send Me; Unsinkable Faith and more
  • Reviews: John Mark Comer's God Has A Name and MercyMe's Lifer.


April 2017: Feeling The Burn


Feeling The Burn

Discover how a humble college prayer gathering became one of the hottest worship-and-missions ministries in the charismatic world.


  • Why You Don't Get Prayer Answers 
    What if it's not about waiting? What if Satan has a legal case pending against you in heaven?
  • How MegaChurches Are Impacting Christianity 
    Some praise the community impact of megachurches. Others say they move us away from Pentecost.
  • Releasing Angels Of Abundant Harvest
    The Lord is releasing ministering spirits to help reap what you've sown. Be cautious of doing these four things.
  • Pursuing The Threefold Anna Anointing
    She's only mentioned once in Scripture, but the prophetic anointing she carried will inspire you to wholehearted devotion to Jesus.
  • Is the Last Move of God Right Around the Corner?
    If you've been praying for unity, signs and wonders and the prodigals, now is the time to press into this prophetic perspective.


  • Singer-songwriter finds clever way to engage families with the Word
  • TV exec shares how faith helped him navigate Hollywood
  • Firefighter prophet casts end-times vision of hope


  • Kyle Idleman's Grace Is Greater; Kari Jobe's The Garden; Steven Curtis Chapman's Between Heaven and the Real World; and more
  • Reviews of Hacksaw Ridge and Limitless


March 2017: Words of Wisdom


Words of Wisdom

Shawn Bolz got Christianity's attention with astonishing prophecies at Azusa Now, but his heart is to equip a generation.


  • Demystifying the Prophetic Seer Anointing 
    Seers are rising rapidly in this hour. Discover how the seer anointing works—and why it's so vital.
  • The Fuel of Revival 
    Understanding the difference between the gospel of salvation and the gospel of the kingdom will radically change your thinking about transforming culture.
  • Miracle Man
    Discover what almost dying taught 85-year-old Morris Cerullo, one of the world's greatest evangelists, about leaving a legacy.
  • Revelation Decoded
    Many are carrying the mark of the beast right now and don't even know it. One end-times expert reveals the mystery.
  • Is the Last Move of God Right Around the Corner?
    If you've been praying for unity, signs and wonders and the prodigals, now is the time to press into this prophetic perspective.


  • Ex-atheist launches Jesus Clubs in high schools across the nation
  • 'Drill sergeant' dad shares critical child-rearing mistakes to avoid
  • Mother issues prophetic call for broken women seeking deliverance


  • Practicing the Power; I'm Not Ashamed; Gospel Fluency and more
  • Reviews of Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom From the Habits That Bind You and Unchained


February 2017: A Musical Man On A Mission


A Musical Man On A Mission

Eddie James is breaking the chains off a lost generation with the sound of awakening.


  • Global Fire 
    Jeff Jansen is working to ignite personal, citywide, nationwide and worldwide revival through his Global Fire Ministries—and the results are supernatural.
  • Satan's 3-Pronged Attack Against America
    More Americans than ever are counting themselves among the "nones." The key question is: Why?
  • Holy Spirit, Is That You?
    Unfortunately, many of the claims to the presence of the Dove among us are nothing but pigeon religion.
  • Turning Up The Heat
    Many people are praying and believing for transforming revival. Former Charisma Editor Lee Grady shares nine ways to prepare your heart.


  • Meet the stay-at-home mom who ventured into an uncomfortable mission field.
  • This television ministry is spurring people who work the graveyard shift to seek Christ.
  • Sammy Rodriguez is working to bust Hispanic stereotypes in the film industry.


  • This Month's Resources: Anointed to Heal; Nothing to Prove; Greater; Cherish; Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus; Craving Connection; Through the Eyes of Hope and much more
  • Reviews: Ben-Hur and The Brilliance's All Is Not Lost
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