March 2019: Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes


Seeing Through Eyes of Love

Blake Healy sees into the spiritual realm and says the hardest part isn't warfare or demons. It's how God's own people ignore His goodness


Church in the Cloud
A new generation of missionaries is taking the gospel around the world using the internet and social media

End of an Era
Charismatic conferences around the world are suddenly closing in obedience to God's leading. What's behind this surprising trend?

Sober Minded
It's not a sin to drink alcohol. But it's probably a bad idea for Christians. Here's why

The 7 Prayers of Financial Freedom
Break off financial curses, receive divine revelation and celebrate freedom with these guided prayers

Why the church Must Get Its Financial House in Order
For years, finances have compromised the church's witness. It's time to master the twin pillars of stewardship


  • World's largest church auditorium opens in Abuja, Nigeria
  • Christian rapper Canton Jones shares prophetic vision for 2019
  • Charismatic leaders rally around historic prison reform bill


Spirit-Led Books and More:

Bill Johnson's Meeting God Face to Face
Aubrey Sampson's The Louder Song
Vision Video's Hope Has a Name


Passion's Follow You Anywhere
Dominic Done's When Faith Fails

February 2019: Real Talk Kim


Hurting People Need Real Talk

Kimberly Jones-Pothier, also known as "Real Talk Kim," is reaching the next generation with a mix of tough love and encouragement.


Spoiled Fruit
Why Christian leaders can still operate in the anointing, even when they are living a life of sin.

Growing the Vine
What a move of God in Northern Ireland can teach today's church about loving our communities.

Are You Winning the War Against Sugar
The key to claiming victory in your fight against cancer may be simple Scripture-based nutrition.

They Are Not Unloved
The Bible demonstrates that God's heart is to heal children who have special needs.

From Fleshly Desire to Freedom in Jesus
How this former adult-film actress helps free people trapped in bondage to the sex industry.

Meet Yeshua HaMashiach
It's time for the church to recognize the significance of Jesus' Jewish heritage.


  • A Spirit-filled missionary is martyred during his visit to a remote tribe
  • Worship breaks out during a White House faith briefing
  • Michael W. Smith sings "Friends" at his friend George H.W. Bush's funeral


Spirit-Led Books and More:

Andrew Wilson's Spirit and Sacrament
Tim Hill's The Speed of Favor
Bethel Music's Victory


Switchfoot's Native Tongue
Wayne Grudem's Christian Ethics

January 2019: Healing Behind Bars


Healing Behind Bars

Former convict Katie Souza now serves as a preacher and healing evangelist to those trapped in physical and spiritual chains.


Free From Stress
Tired of always being tired? Discover 12 steps to restore your body to God's rhythm.

New Year, New Voices
Meet the nine rising, Spirit-filled voices you need to know in 2019.

How to Survive Your Spiritual Winter
Five steps for seeking God in seasons of waiting.

The War on Christianity
The American church cannot stand by as our brothers and sisters overseas are martyred.

Why Should the Devil Have all the Good Music?
Why Christians need to be musical revolutionaries.


  • Lauren Daigle makes Christian 'Billboard' chart history
  • Pilot saves hundreds of lives by obeying the Holy Spirit
  • Persecuted Christian Asia Bibi safely escapes Pakistan


Spirit-Led Books and More:

Bruce Wilkerson's Overcoming Temptation
John W. Gray III's Win From Within
10 West Studio's God Bless the Broken Road


Crowder's I Know a Ghost

December 2018: The 3 Dreams of Christmas


The 3 Dreams of Christmas

Two thousand years ago, three prophetic dreams saved the life of the baby Jesus. Today, they could change your life.


Send Me
Lou Engle has ended TheCall after receiving prophetic words about a new wave of evangelism. This February, charismatics gather to pray for a double portion of Billy Graham's mantel.

When Revival Goes Wrong
How to discern when Satan is making inroads into previously pure revivals and gatherings.

Let's Get Scary
Why Christians should consider jettisoning the "seeker-sensitive" approach and embracing their on-fire Holy Spirit legacy-even if it scares visitors.

The Prophetic Promise
Discover the Amos 9:13 paradigm to unlock incredible blessings and encounter life at the speed of favor.

100 Years of Faithfulness
Lee University steps boldly into the future.

Enjoy a Different College Experience
Take ownership of your faith.

Charting the Course
Liberty University students prepare for their careers.


  • Hillsong leaves the Assemblies of God to form its own denomination.
  • Netflix picks up TV and film rights to the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Former prodigal returns to Jesus and starts international charity.


Spirit-Led Books and More:

Kimberly Jones-Pothier's When Your Bad Meets His Good
Don Piper's People I Met at the Gates of Heaven
Chris Tomlin's Holy Roar
and more


TobyMac's The Elements
King & Country's Burn the Ships

November 2018: The Spiritual Struggle for the Soul of America


The Spiritual Struggle for the soul of America

Why Christians need to win the battle for the soul of the United States.


One Gospel. One Church. One Name.
This Zimbabwe worship event united a fractured, divided church with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Harbingers of Awakening
Revivals are breaking out in churches across the South. Could these be signs of the Great Awakening?

Quietly Contemplating Christ
These three prayer disciplines from the early church will lead believers into deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Why the Rapture Hasn't Happened (Yet)
How Isreal's prophetic destiny is intertwined with the long-anticipated rapture.


Welcome to the all-new Charismata section.

Hundreds of Christian pastors repent of and renounce the sin of racism.

Lawmaker withdraws anti-conversion therapy bill after talking with churches.


Spirit-Led Books and More:

Sheila Walsh's It's Okay Not to Be Okay
Don Moen's God Will Make a Way
Jenny Hrbacek's Cancer-Free!
and more


Lauren Daigle's Look Up Child

October 2018: Prayer in the Square


Prayer in the Square - Times Square Prayer Movement

Pastor Carter Conlon testifies to the power of prayer as he fulfills David Wilkerson's vision in the heart of New York City.


When Word Meets Spirit
The Word and the Spirit movements are converging into one. Here's why that's great for the body of Christ.

Spiritual Side of Suicide
Learn how Christians can speak life to people fighting depression and suicidal thoughts.

Dwelling in God's Presence
Spirit-filled worshippers David and Nicole Binion shift the focus to intimacy with God.

The Prophetic Significance of 1,000
The Bible clearly shows that exponential blessings come attached to this number.

The Law of God and Today's Church
Believers still need the Old Covenant. Here's why.

Radical Generosity
God's grand plan calls Christians to give freely.

In Good Time
Have faith in God's timing.


New Christian movie exposes political prophecy behind Trump's election.

Charismatic Catholic Amy Coney Barrett makes Supreme Court shortlist.

Christians rally around Bethel after historic wildfire.


Spirit-Led Books and More:

Greg Laurie's Every Day With Jesus
Jen Tringale's Calling
Rob Maaddi's Birds of Prey
and more


Riley Clemmons' self-titled album
Ken Shigematsu's Survival Guide for the Soul

September 2018: Spirit-Filled Jesus


How Mark Driscoll Discovered Spirit-Filled Jesus

Experience the same personal relationship with the Holy Spirit that Jesus did.


The Most Persecuted Minority in America
Hear the untold stories of former homosexuals who are now walking in the freedom and love of Jesus Christ.

She Brings Revival
This female crusade evangelist has been empowered by God to heal the sick, cast out demons and save thousands of souls.

5 Facts About Demon Possession
Make no mistake-demon possession is real. Equip yourself to cast out demons and wage spiritual warfare.

The Transformational Power of Vision
Learn how to take bold risks, step out in faith and see with fresh eyes the dream God has placed in your heart.


Marilyn Hickey sees massive move of God sweeping Mongolia.

Spirit-filled quarterback shares prophetic vision that came true.

Francis Chan explains how he recreates the early church model in California.


This month's resources:

Max Lucado's Unshakable Hope
Pure Flix's God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness
Kynan Bridges' Invading the Heavens
and more


Phil Wickman's Living Hope
and Alan Noble's Disruptive Witness

August 2018: Rise & Act


Rise & Act

Brigitte Gabriel in defense of American values, freedom, and security. How her firsthand experience with evil inspired her to start a grass-roots organization that protects freedom.


Prosper and Be in Health
Benny Hinn stunned the Christian world when he said he had changed his views on the prosperity gospel. He explains what true biblical prosperity means.

Since starting at an Anglican church in London, Alpha has helped thousands come into a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

God in Our Image?
Paul warned the early church not too be deceived by false gospels. Has today's church fallen for a knockoff Jesus?

What It Means to Speak in Tongues
The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a powerful gift from God. So let's get our theology straight.

4 Steps for Deliverance That Lasts
Spring may be long over, but it's never too late to clean the demons out of the rooms of your heart.


This Pulse survivor fell in love with Jesus and left the LGBT lifestyle behind.

Jimmy Evans shares how he overcame the spirits of fear and depression.

Ministry leader calls out the church's modern "moment of failure."


This month's resources:

Kimberley Daniel's Breaking the Power of Familiar Spirits
Michael Youssef's Life-Changing Prayers
Hillsong Young & Free's III
and more


Frank Viola's Insurgence
and Provident Film's I Can Only Imagine

July 2018: Give Them Liberty


Give Them Liberty - Training Champions for Christ

One of America's largest Christian universities continues to grow under Jerry Falwell's leadership. God is using Liberty University to educate believers to expand his kingdom.


Miracles Changed My Mind about Miracles
Well-known apologist and best-selling author Lee Strobel uses his legal mind to make the case for miracles today.

Called to the Family Business
Pentecostal pastors Rich and DawnChere Wilkerson lead Miami's Millennia-friendly Vous Church.

Laboring for Revival
Pentecostal pastor Javier Bertucci sees signs of revival as God moves Venezuela, a nation rife with crime, poverty and witchcraft.

Accessing the Anointing
God's power helps us fulfill spiritual assignments, break oppression and catapult His people into their destiny in Christ.

Free in Christ
Maintain your spiritual deliverance with six key strategies, from submitting to God to being filled with the Holy Spirit.

What's Your Sign?
Dabbling in horoscopes and the zodiac can open people up to influence of familiar spirits that attempt to rule their lives.


Talk to anyone about Jesus without fear.

Former model exposes demonic root of hypersexualized culture.

Spirit-filled megachurch eliminates huge medical debt for families.

Lakewood pastor learns from son's autism.


This month's resources:

Kristen Padilla's Now That I'm Called
Lincoln Brewster's God of the Impossible
and Provident Films' Kirk Cameron: Connect


Christine Caine's Unexpected
and Chris McClarney's Breakthrough

June 2018: Expect Breakthrough


Expect Breakthrough - Restore My Soul

God is using evangelist Mike Hutchings of the God Heals PTSD Foundation to minister healing to people with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Revival in the North

The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully in a small Canadian church, drawing people from miles around to be saved, delivered and healed.

Cinderella Story

A former Disney World princess rewrites her destiny after she aborts her child to keep her dream job.

Miracle Garden

Visitors to a Scripture-based sculpture garden in Texas experience salvation, healing and other miracles.

David the Great

David learned that being a man after God's own heart meant living life open and submitted to His will and timing-no matter how long it took to become king.

An Unthinkable Conversation

Adopt the radical honesty of the woman at the well and experience the extraordinary in your walk with Christ.


Megachurch pastor's demonstration of generosity makes national news.

Pentecostal churches are changing a gang-infested country.

Meet the charismatic woman waging spiritual warfare before Congress.


This month's resources:

Samuel Rodriquez's Shake Free

Randy Clark's Eyewitness to Miracles

Pure Flix Entertainment's Samson


Steffany Gretzinger's Blackout

Franklin Graham's Through My Father's Eyes

May 2018: Healing in the Rivers


Healing in the Rivers - It's Happening! Revival at Deeper Fellowship Church

Acclaimed gospel singer William McDowell shepherds a spiritual movement marked by hundreds of healing miracles.


4 End-Times Challenges

Jesus warned believers living in the end times not to become vulnerable to temptation in four specific areas.

The Gift of Autism

Learn from a highly gifted author who has autism how believers can minister to families touched by this disorder.

Women and Sexual Abuse

Women-and men-have suffered abuse in a climate that has fostered disrespect. Learn how believers can minister to sex abuse victims.

The Ruth Anointing

The Old Testament figure of Ruth left a legacy we can still learn from today. Follow her example to live a life of faith, virtue and destiny.


Learn how Christians in America can help the persecuted.

A storytelling pastor helps Christians encounter God's love in a new way.

An Oral Roberts Univerity graduate influences Hollywood's biggest names.


This month's resources:

Lee Strobel's The Case for Miracles

Dave Ireland's, One in Christ

Lisa Bevere's, Adamant


Choco De Jesus', Move Into More

Hawk Nelson's, Miracles

April 2018: Back to Basics


Back to Basics - The Greatest Commandments

Francis Chan explains why the church's next step is a radical return to its roots. Loving God and loving others have become his sole focus.


The Psalm 112 Promise

Following the Psalm 112 promise leads to a life of stability and prosperity rather tham one of insecurity and double-mindedness.

The Legacy of Billy Graham

Billy Graham spent more than 60 years evangelizing the world. In this issue, we celebrate his life and legacy.

It's Time to Clean House

The charismatic-Pentecostal movement is guilty of harboring abuse. We must waste no more time but purge this sin from among us.

Renew Your Strength

In this hurried and harried age, spirit-led Christians can find true rest as they look to God in faith that He has all things under His control


'People are not projects' says pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Kathy Lee Gifford's trip to Israel revolutionizes her faith.

Author urges women to stop comparing and start supporting.

Faithful 'hospice mama' cares for terminally ill babies.


This month's resources:

Let There Be Light

Jentezen Franklin's, Love Like You've Never Been Hurt

and more.


Jordan Feliz's, Future

Remedy Drive's, The North Star

Benham Brothers', Miracle in Shreveport

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