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Susie Larson

Guard Against Worldliness and Legalism

Don't let worldiness or legalism overcome your faith. Author and Focus on the Family radio show host Susie Larson shares how God taught her not to be consumed by either one.

Brendon Ayanbadejo

Why Gay NFL Players Should Stay in the Closet

CBS news is reporting that a gay pro-football player will soon "come out of the closet." What will this mean for our society? Charisma's news editor Jennifer LeClaire gives us insight.

Money stewardship

When Giving, Include the Three R’s

Our stewardship lifestyle should include required, responsive and revelation giving. God wants us to go beyond the discipline of the tithe.

Michael Brown

A Dangerous and Deadly Deception

There are believers out there who claim that they do not sin, even when they do. As scary as this deception is, the reasoning behind it is even scarier, Michael Brown explains.

Stresss headache

Don Colbert: Beat Down Stress With The Word

Stress is the most powerful contributor to migraine headaches. God’s Word is the most powerful weapon against them, and a few other health tips can’t hurt.

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