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Heterophobia Is the New Black

The gay agenda is claiming discrimination, but Raynard Jackson discusses how the homosexual community is actually discriminating against heterosexuals.


4 Keys to Confronting an Addict

Many Christians know someone who has a harmful addiction to something. Discover some godly ways to approach those with such a problem.

Happy Mother's Day

A Man’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Discover what you can do this year for all the moms in your life, including your sister, married daughters or even daughters-in-law.

Exercise body temple

Why You Shouldn’t Forget Your Body Is a Temple

Discover why, when you start practicing temperance, moderation, portion control and self-restraint when it comes to food, that then and only then will you make a real and lasting effect on your health.

Dr. Michael Brown

A Gay Struggler Finds Assurance in the Lord

Michael Brown tells a gut-wrenching story of a same-sex-attracted man with advanced-stage HIV who desperately wanted to love the Lord but was convinced God gave him over to a reprobate mind. Glean wisdom from Brown's response.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

How to Tap Into the Joy of the Holy Spirit

There's a joy you have access to that doesn't depend on your circumstances. Here's an excerpt from a devotional by Jennifer Kennedy Dean that shows the way to the joy God has for you.

Fitness girl

Who Has Time to Exercise?

Between spending time with the Lord, your spouse, your kids and friends, can you find time to keep your body strong?

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