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Can a Christian Be Gay? (Part 1)

Today, there’s a lot of misunderstanding regarding what the Bible says about homosexuality. Pastor Larry Tomczak brings clarity. 

couple praying

When You Pray Together

When you join with others in the prayer of agreement, the results are dynamic and the bond is eternal.

Autumn Darden

Ladies, Are You a Yo-Yo?

Do you change your personality on a whim? Blogger and speaker Autumn Darden had this problem until God revealed the source and she found freedom.

Duck Dynasty

What You Don't Know About 'Duck Dynasty'

Duck Dynasty has become a national phenomenon. It’s about the power of family, the power of forgiveness, the power of faith—and a whole lot of humor, to boot.


7 Ways to Avoid a Public Scandal in Your Life

Every week it seems there is another scandal breaking out with a high-profile person, whether in politics, sports, media or the church. Don't miss these tips on how to live a scandal-free life.

Family values

7 Traits of Kids With Good Character

As parents, we want to see our kids develop strong character. Discover what we need to show them in our lives to make that happen.

teenage girl

Have a New Teenager in Five Minutes

Are you getting the cold shoulder from your teenager? Faith Bogdan shares how she changed her relationship with her teenage daughter in five minutes.

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