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Child vaccine

People, Networks May Sway Parents’ Vaccine Choices

A Washington state survey revealed that social networks can be an influence in parents’ decisions whether or not to have their kids vaccinated against preventable diseases such as chickenpox and measles.

God in the workplace

Do You Hear God in Your Workplace?

God will speak in the daily grind of our workplace callings if we allow Him to. Invite the Holy Spirit into your work life and listen to what He might say.

praising God

Change the Atmosphere With Praise

Where praise is, God is—and the enemy cannot reside. It's time to recognize the awesome power that is released when we declare His majesty.

Father and teen

Keep the Door Open for Your Teen

Teens tend to naturally become more disconnected with their dads as they get older. However, it’s up to you, Dad, to let them know they’re welcome in your inner circle anytime.

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