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Take Up Your First Calling

Religious duty turns into extravagant, unbridled, sincere worship when you step into your first calling. Do you hear God's invitation to a deeper relationship?

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How to Smartly Sip the Flavors of Fall

Sugar and spice come at a price. But fitness expert Diana Anderson-Tyler says there are ways to enjoy the libations associated with the autumn season without feeling guilty.

Ron and Hope Carpenter

Ron Carpenter: My Wife Does Not Need Your Wrath

After revealing his wife's inappropriate relationships at Redemption World Outreach Center on Sunday, Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. told the church what she needs in this hour of crisis.

What methods do you use to come to decisions in your marriage?

How to Make Wise Decisions in Your Marriage

Some choices for married couples are big, while others are not so big. What are some of the methods you and your wife employ to make choices in your marriage?

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Compel Them to Come

We can live in such a way that people want what we have. Here's how to make the cause of Christ attractive to unbelievers.

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New Super-Nutrient Fights Aging

Read about how astaxanthin, a powerful, natural antioxidant, could be the key to preventing the degenerative diseases involved in aging.

Check out the six Ws involved in effective men's discipleship.

The 6 Ws of Men’s Discipleship

Discipling men is not easy, but it's crucial in God's plan for the Great Commission. Find out the critical elements involved.

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