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Christian Huff and Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson Engaged to Christian Huff

"We work through silly communication things, but at the end of every day I couldn't be more grateful for this walking answered prayer. I literally have a picture of us taped to the back of my bible to remind me to thank God for this miracle."
Rainbow flags wave in the wind at the Stonewall National Monument outside the Stonewall Inn.

Pastor Arrested for Preaching Against Homosexuality

Pastor Lynn's arrest is nothing short of a violation of his right to free speech. He was not inciting anyone to violence, and neither was he being defamatory. He was preaching the gospel.

Christian Schools Now Teaching God Is 'Gender-Neutral'

In addition, pupils at All Hallows School now refer to "the Creator, Jesus and the Holy Spirit" when doing the sign of the cross, instead of reciting the traditional mantra, "the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Officially Changes the Lord's Prayer

The Pope believes the new version is better because the first translation implies that God leads people into temptation, an action that is against his nature as a good and holy God.
David Platt prays for Donald Trump.

Dear David Platt, Don't Apologize for Praying for the President

Pastors (and Christian leaders alike) must take responsibility for the spiritual health of today's church and the nation. We don't need more marketing plans, demographic studies, or giving campaigns; we need men filled with the Spirit of God.

2 Essential Steps Toward Being More Like Jesus

God sees the big picture. He is much less concerned with how long the journey takes and much more concerned about you continuing to walk forward with Him toward that end.
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