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Ben Carson

Dr. Carson Prayer Breakfast Speech Generates Buzz

The speech world-renowned neurosurgeon and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Benjamin Carson gave at this year's National Prayer Breakfast is generating unexpected buzz. Read about it for yourself and decide if you agree with his economic solutions.

Exercise and obesity

Home Altitude Tied to Obesity Risk

A new study reveals that people who live where the air is thinnest tend to be less obese than those in low-lying areas.

Woman walking at work

Five Ways to Shed Pounds at Work

Whether it’s taking a walk around the block at lunch or bringing healthy snacks, there are several ways you can drop weight while you’re at the office.

Lecrae's Arresting Call to Serve Christ

Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae, who won the Best Gospel Album Grammy for "Gravity" on Sunday, shares how a police officer and Jesus both gave him a second chance at life.

Man on Internet

Freed By the Holy Spirit: Part III

Many men believe that looking at pornography is “normal.” On the contrary, read what God’s Word has to say about such activity. Read the third and final installment of this gripping series.

Pregnant teen

Teen Births Continue to Decline in US

A government report revealed that the declining economy and increased use of contraceptives are factors in the drop in the amount of babies born to teen mothers.

Man praying

God Wants the ‘Real’ You

You can fake your way through a lot of things in life, but your relationship with the heavenly Father isn’t one of them.

10 Tips to Maintain Sexual Purity

We live in a sex-crazed culture where sexual temptation is a struggle for many. Here's how you say \"no\" to sexual temptation and maintain purity.
Eating popcorn

Fill’er Up...With Fiber

High-fiber foods not only taste good, they’re also major contributors to good health and disease prevention.

Man Internet Pornography

Freed By the Holy Spirit: Part II

Read the second in a gripping series of three articles on how individual men have been set free from pornography.

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